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  1. How about just... 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place...
  2. From this pic...I love. From wat I can see I like a lot. More pics and info please lol!!!
  3. The font looks pretty spot on to me. Maybe the flash of the camera is messing with it?
  4. 104 SS? Step away from the reg shafts!! I have both R11 and 91". For me it's 910 above and beyond!! R11 I don't like the feel, sound and the white comes off easy.
  5. Looks real good! I love the look. 6.0 loft?!? Insane to me
  6. sallyboy715

    Mizuno MP 53

    I heard new mp-53s and mp-63s will be around the fall time.
  7. I'm betting on what rookieblue7 said! He's usually spot on with this stuff and I've never seen him wrong! R11 460!
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