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  1. Long time follower but I'm going to give it at shot at expressing my opinion on this bad boy. I'm a fitter here in the great Tri-Cities of Michigan. Love to fit people and see the reactions after they have played a few rounds with their new toys that fit them. Big fan of finding the right shaft that provides all the big elements. Know to to fix almost any broken club. Would love to learn how to refinish putters and all clubs for that matter. I'm a huge advocate for quality and not quantity. If you're looking for club advice I'd be happy to help you the best I can. So Lets Do This!!! OO
  2. Pretty Pumped about this review. Have been following MGS for a few years now and love all the reviews and write ups on equipment. Curious tho, what system for gathering data do you guys use? TrackMan? FlightScope? Also if you guys need some independent testers for the new equipment, I'm a fitter at a local golf store and have access to a Flightscope and most of the new wacking sticks. Not looking for money, would love the opportunity to just spread some data that I find. Driver: 910 D3 8.5 degree w/Oban Devotion 7 Tipped 1" Length 44.5" CPM 283 Hybrid: 910 19 Degr
  3. F' this snow I'm ready to play some desert golf. Arizona bound in a few weeks

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