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  1. Walt/ Tennessee Scotty Cameron Long Neck SS 16
  2. Walt S.- McKenzie, TN Old Dallas Golf no-name import.
  3. Walt S. McKenzie, TN 14 Callaway CF16 Would like to test the VT which is very similar loft wise to my CF16. I should be able to give it a very good comparison.
  4. Walt Tennessee Scotty Cameron 1998 Experimental Long Slant Tel3 Starting to be a weakness
  5. Walt/ Tennessee/100+ rounds FB HC 14/ SS 88 Current set- Callaway CF16, Ping G400 Max, Ping, Taylormade, Ben Hogan wedges King F9-10.5, King F9 irons (conventional), King F9 Hybrid (3) and 3 wood all R flex, Cobra King 58*, 54* wedges
  6. Funny, Just installed some MCC+4 on my irons. Good Luck to all who enter.
  7. Walt/ Tennessee Scotty Cameron Long Neck Slant One of the best milled putters available to golfers.
  8. Walt/ McKenzie, TN 15 Ben Hogan-54* Steelfiber Shaft Taylormade Milled Grind 56* Steelfiber Shaft Cleveland CBX 58* SteelFiber Shaft 54*/56*/58*
  9. Will be in Venice Fl. for a 'guys" trip in March. Never played with sunglasses, so this would be a first.
  10. Walt S. Tennessee Scotty Cameron 1998 Tour Proto SS long neck Thank You
  11. Walt McKenzie, TN 14 HDCP Callaway CF16 Recoil 760ES Graphite i210 Thank You for the oppertunity!
  12. Walt- Tennessee 54* Ben Hogan 56* Taylormade Milled Grind 58* Cleveland CBX Desired 56*, 58*.
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