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  1. Steve B Kansas City, Ks 11 HCP I normally do not respond to Contests! BUT... I have been in love with Srixon for a long time. So WTHeck!! Driver: Z565 FW: ZF65 HYbrid: Z355 Irons : Z565 Wedges: RTX-3 Tour Satin Putter: TFI 2135 8.0 Good Luck to all the Contestants!!! When you win, please fill us in on the whole EXPERIENCE!!!! We love jealous feelings of someone else's golf experiences.
  2. I like them all. But I'm a k-stater go power cat purple. National championship hopeful.
  3. Everything I have heard is all about the Long Drive Championship. I heard that they do not meet the USGA standards for COR. That's why we don't see them on tour.
  4. Cost no object: TP5 Have I played TM balls before: Yes, I play a TP3 most of the time
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