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  1. Well I'll be, Boz you have really outdone yourself here. That is simply brilliant. Hope the day goes well and the balls are appreciated sactown
  2. The following shows that even when you are addicted to Boz's Balls sometimes he comes up with something for you to trail that just isn't suited for you. I no complain as the first time I have had to say something negative about one of Boz's inventions and this is the idea of being a Test Pilot for the man. Be honest and give constructive feedback. Tell him what works and what doesn't. I know that he looks, listens and learns and makes adjustments where possible. Got home and there was a package of goodies from The Boz, happy days indeed. I received a Pink Drop Bear, a Version 2 (V2
  3. May I be so bold to ask where do you normally try and land your pitch shots? By that I mean are you looking to land them at a point and the spin the ball close to the hole or? There as been some comment about this is in Aus and the general agreement reached has been that the release of Boz's balls is constant and after allowing for the amount of roll one gets a different landing point plugged into the brain and the rest can be become child's play. I totally agree with your comments about the glove. I got to the stage that I couldn't find a glove that I was happy with and went gloveless
  4. chey As a long term user of Boz's balls, trust me they do putt differently to other balls. This has been a long held view by users in Australia that these balls do not take as much break as you normally allow for with other balls. Once you can convince the mind of this fact the rest on some days can be easy.
  5. Where have I heard that before??? In Australia we have the same problem it would appear. If the packaging isn't a well known brand name people wont buy the ball because Tiger/Phil/Jim/Sergio doesn't use them. A lot of where Boz has got to so far has come from the internet and not retail because as he says he is not trying to make a ball that the pro's will use but a ball that us mugs can use and get better results with. There have been some great reviews written up so far and it is really interesting sitting back here and reading your thoughts on balls I have used. A lot of similariti
  6. Following from the above, yes he is right. I have been astounded to get to a green after thumping a Vision Ball and thinking that I will know how this thing is going to putt. The feel off the driver/irons can be very deceiving when putting. Your brain thinks We have just hit the ball that far, now that we have putter in end you only have to give this ball a slight tap, ummmm error. It is all trail and error and as Boz said it may take more than a few holes to work out what each ball really can do.
  7. hendricks97 Russell holds a special place in the Vision line up. He is one of the original little Aussie battlers whose name came up after much banter and discussion. To assist all of you, and by posting this link I am in no way trying to promote another site, here is how Russell came to life. He is a different ball all together from the other UV Balls (yellow) balls that you have to trail. http://forum.mygolfspy.com/index.php?app=forums&module=post&section=post&do=reply_post&f=4&t=1799&qpid=30473 If you have a few spare days you could also try and wade thro
  8. Now you lot know what we down under already knew. Our man of coloured balls certainly knows how to give you a package of goodies. Enjoy what you have, as an addicted user I have tried most of the balls that you have in your box of goodies. All are different and play differently, some will suit your game more than others and one will become your go to ball if the land down under experience is follows on. As Boz as said get to the practise green with the balls before you go out to play, that is where you will certainly notice the difference. And don't let the different colours worry
  9. See we told you he is a caring sharing sort of guy. Enjoy the goodies when they arrive, you never know what Boz will include in any package, can still remember opening my first one and the questions that followed like how much have you spent to get this collection of goodies. For those lucky enough to be testers enjoy the ride, don't have any thoughts about how a ball is going to preform until you have slapped it with a driver and an iron and if you really need to a putt. Experience tells me that looks can be decieving.
  10. B: Have heard a rumour that Boz is toying with an idea of making floating golf balls C: This is so true, Boz has a range of balls that are all a little bit different. They may came in different colours and finishes but there is a ball in the range that will suit your game and reduce your handicap
  11. I have been part of Boz's programme in the land down under for the past 18 months. Let me tell you a little bit about the man of coloured balls. He knows his stuff. If you want to find out more there is a radio interview on the Vision website that explains a fair bit of The Boz's history. Service you won't find a better person to deal with. Balls , well I am very happy with what I have been using and been privileged to been part of a team that has provided feedback on trial balls. There are a few golf forums in Australia where The Boz has been a long time contributor and you can gain more kno
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