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  1. LED's used to be not very bright... time has changed that. something like this that starts out very small will someday be able to be used in large areas if there is a demand for it.
  2. nobody will give it any love because it's a Wilson, but I play a dXi hybrid head in an Oban Devotion and it's the most solid hybrid I've ever hit, including many tour taylormade hybrids and many adams including the a12 proto
  3. hopefully you'll have more in the future... us 14 wearers are pretty rare and you know how tough it can be to find shoes!
  4. I play in anything I can afford and have time to. unless I clearly have no shot at making my money back, nobody likes to donate.
  5. don't have a pic with me but it HAS to be my Wilson dxi 16* hybrid with devotion 85x. thing is a freaking cannon, perfect flight. easiest club in the bag to hit.
  6. I like the look of this head. I'm playing the TM '09 Proto peanut and also have the regular '09 tour... there is a major difference between these two heads. I hope the LSP becomes affordably available
  7. the sole reminds me of the Bridgestone J40
  8. really cool setup. I'd love to have one come through my area. I wear size 14 and I always have to roll the dice on shoes fitting or pay to restock them since stores don't ever carry them as a stock size. I'd assume a trailer like this probably doesn't have all the colors but at least the shoes to try on and see how they feel.
  9. interesting, but I also wonder how it's supposed to be carried. looks like it's designed for push cart or golf car.
  10. hey guys- been a member for a while and a bit of a lurker, going to start chiming in a lot more. Been active on a couple of other sites so looking forward to being active on another one, hopefully contributing in a positive manner residing outside Seattle...
  11. Current GHIN Index 6.7 I feel the Cobra-Puma spirit is about not being afraid to stand out in a crowd. Bright colors, players with large persona's, etc. I meet that last requirement. I'm the youngest member and president of my men's club. I always am trying the latest and greatest and telling guys in our club why they need to do the same. I'm a long hitter and everybody digs the long ball. I'm not afraid to be the brightest player on the course and I'll back it up with my game. If I don't, I'm smiling anyways. I don't lose my temper on the course, it's just golf man, have to maintain compo
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