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  1. This one was great too! From yesterday at Modern Golf with Dean
  2. I like this one! Dan fell asleep on the couch
  3. I have a lot of friends using it and it has helped them off of smoking (not sure about chewing tobacco). Like anything it's about breaking a habit. Long term effects are unknown because they are still determining. Btw, up here in Vancouver the term "dippers" is pretty racist lmao (I know it wasn't used in that context but just an FYI) 😉
  4. Sounds like you need to re-train your brain. Try this:
  5. I don't know about the Duo personally but Dan says they feel like hitting marshmallows they are "super mushy". The Wilson Staff is the softest of the tour balls I've tried but nowhere close to these. As for feeling like the 3Up 2S14, the Lady Precepts give you slightly better feedback. If you have the 3Up 2S14 already I wouldn't rush out and buy some unless you really want them for the colour difference. Hope that helps! BTW: keep an eye out for our Nicklaus ball write up, was pleasantly surprised about the White Model.
  6. It's that time again guys! If you haven't done it yet (maybe waiting for that Hallowe'en hangover to wear off), go grab your razors and get a clean shaven face start to start raising awareness for Movember 2014. Our team goal is $2000 this year - but I know we can blow that away! Join team: Haute Handlebar by (1) register at Movember.com and (2)joining the team Haute Handlebar OR Please DONATE to my Mo Fundraising Page If you aren't aware of Movember, it is a great cause that focuses on fundraising for prostate cancer and men's mental health. They have expanded to testicular cancer as well,
  7. I would like to extend my felicitations to Bonesy, Barbapapa, Mr.T, and Kiwi. Well deserved! Congrats guys!
  8. I have a lot of patience, big shoulders, let things slide a lot but I knew this day was going to take a bad turn from the time I grabbed our coffee. Dan went to pay the green fees and grab the power cart and I went to grab a couple coffees for us. I'm stirring some sugar in and this guy comes and stands next to me (in my personal space aka too close for comfort) with 5 feet worth of counter space to spare next to me and looks at me and my legs says all creepily "Aren't you cold?" (Or something to that degree) I shook off the gawking and said "No I'm quite alright" grabbed my coffees and walke
  9. It's not really a plum, it's called Flash Pink (lighter and more pink than plum) It is one of the seasonal colors yes
  10. Hey everyone, the scoop on the 2015 adidas golf's women's spring/summer line in the Golf Apparel forum: http://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/11861-adidas-golfs-womens-2015-collection-launch-event-exclusive/?p=141206 Check it out! And don't forget to share the link if you like what you see, and think it will encourage more women to get excited about golf. Have a great day all! Mrs.MBP
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