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  1. Great looking list! I tried a few RX's and was impressed to say the least.
  2. Have you taken the grip off to see if there is any info under it?
  3. Outstanding irons and also one of the best fairways and drivers out there as well.
  4. It's only a matter of time, with how much time being the guess. The worse our global economy becomes the more likely this is going to happen.
  5. I believe new they are in the 100.00 range, but you can occasionally find them in bst sections and I'm not sure about ebay. I think one would be very useful in conjunction with lessons.
  6. I have the tour striker pro. It definitely teaches you to hold your release to hit the ball straight. The typical miss with it is not a hosel rocket, but more of a low bladed slice. Overall a good practice club that you will see improvement with if used correctly.
  7. I have purchased many things from them over the years and have never had any issues. Some of their components are quite good and rival OEM's.
  8. I had a smile on my face when I watched that speech.
  9. I can see that commercial being very short lived.........
  10. Ask Tom about them. If I remember correctly they are additional to purchase but not expensive at at all. Makes for a very fun putter to try different weights with. If I could use a double bend mallet more effectively I would still be playing one of these.
  11. Outstanding work. Nice twist to the traditional look of standard knit headcovers.
  12. I have had one of these putters and they are very solid. The bottom medallion comes off and there are weights that can be added so the head can weigh from something like 330 grams to well over 400 grams.
  13. Those are almost too purdy to even hit.
  14. I haven't read thru all the posts in this thread, but I have to wonder about titleist selling the Cameron name. My educated guess is that they own the name but don't own the man. He may be under contract but I wouldn't be surprised if he could go out on his own under a different brand name if push came to shove. I believe similar things have happened in the past with putter designers.
  15. What equipment you get will depend on how involved you intend to get and what your budget is. I've built up to what is pretty much a full service shop in garage. If you are going to get real involved and do high quality work you will need to get a good loft/lie machine (I have a true blue unit), frequency machine, and 42 inch belt sander just to name a few. If you want to do a little work here and there on your own clubs you can get by with much less. I would recommend getting some of the basics and start trying things out to see if it is really something you want to get involved with.
  16. Friends and family sales are typically end of June/beginning of July and beginning of December.
  17. I read recently that he now has 6 degrees of loft on his putter due to using forward press. Curious if that is a special insert of one of the ones available in retail.
  18. Great looking iron. Have these actually hit the stores yet?
  19. Here's something completely different to think about. 30 or more years ago Tiger would have probably been done with playing great golf simply because he knee would have been shot. Back then there wasn't the medical technology we have today and his knee injury may have been career ending. There are many reasons today's pros can play more events and remain at the top of their game. Do you think Hogan, Snead and Jones had private jets to fly them around? Just more reasons you cannot even begin comparing Tiger to the greats of the past. I will go on record that Tiger faces fewer great golfers than Jack did. Sure the fields today are top to bottom stronger, but the top 25 just isn't as strong. Too much money available and guys don't have to win to make a living any more.
  20. Definitely a departure from their current and past drivers. It will be interesting to see what ends up hitting tour and the states. I'd heard rumors they had some new and different drivers in the pipeline.
  21. I've played foot joys for years but have had a few pairs of Adidas recently have to admit I like them and they seem to wear quite well.
  22. I really like the looks of these. Hopefully Wilson can start getting their clubs in some of the higher end retail chains so more people to see them. I'd like to be able to demo a few of their products but they are hard to come by locally.
  23. Gotta give you props on the review and the rating system. I really like the way it plays out and makes sense in my warped mind.
  24. Unfortunately it may be the beginning of many more things to come.
  25. I agree with you on one thing for certain, the reviews are worth next to nothing unless it is regarding a small upstart company without the budget to pay for their reviews.
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