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  1. Watching professionals play a video game can be an eye opening experience. Like other professionals in other pursuits, they are on a different level. I can only imagine the secrets and short cuts professional Golden Tee players know/perform. Although I find the occupation to be pretty cool, I can't imagine it does wonders when applying for a loan.
  2. The new Big Bertha Alpha isn't the replacement for the old Big Bertha Alpha? Can they do that?
  3. That driver is so unrealistic. I mean c'mon son, it doesn't even have an adjustable hosel. So 1994.
  4. I definitely think higher lofted clubs off the tee are better for higher handicaps. If an 18 handicap wants to hit a 13* off the tee rather than a 9*, I don't see any problems with that. 13* makes a lot of sense to me, especially if you carry a 5 wood too.
  5. I take it you're thinking of the employee uniforms? On the original topic, I have a pair of their shorts and they are the best shorts I've owned. Very comfortable and very well thought out for the sport of golf.
  6. Yeah, I heard the same thing. Apparently Callaway had everything reserved except SLDR. The most ironic thing is that they decided to call it "Big Bertha". Samsonite! I was way off.
  7. They could still have it for motorcycles. Ping is reserving for the use in golf clubs. As long as the categories are different and there's no brand confusion, words can be used by different companies. Take SLDR for example. TMAG can use it for golf clubs but they can't for shoes because Nike already does.
  8. It's a Subaru. That's what google says.
  9. Can you buy a cover for the head cover?
  10. Sounds like his "intent" was not too incur a penalty. People do this all the time when they hover the club rather than grounding it during periods of high wind. Same "intent". Not sure you can be DQ'd for trying to follow the rules.
  11. It's very much real. I know several of the people who were involved, including the gentleman who wrote the letter. Without going into to details, I assure you nothing good came from this for anyone, including the author of the letter.
  12. I come to MyGolfSpy because there are threads that don't have to do with Tiger. Plus I don't feel like there are any shenanigans here. All of you guys seem like you want to be on the site to contribute rather than waiting for some OEM giveaway like they do on the other sites. I never really was a fan of buying readers throw giveaways. Hurts the content.
  13. I love the pic of Jordan Spieth and Keegan Bradley where Keegan is sticking his tongue out at someone. Funny stuff.
  14. Isn't the idea of a good iron shot to hit the little ball before the big ball? So that would render bounce effective on fat shots only, correct? I mean if the ball has already left the face you can't alter it's flight, unless you're Obi Wan Kenobi or something.
  15. Once heard a comedian say that if you are out in the ocean and a shark eats you, that's not a shark attack, that's called trespassing. You are swimming where they get food, of course they are going to think you are food. A shark attack is when you are sitting on your couch at home and hear the doorbell ring. You go to the door and open it up only to find a great white ready to bite you in half. That's a shark attack.
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