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  1. If you're playing the stock reg shafts then they are 65 grams. The s300 wedge shaft is 130 grams, exactly double the weight of your iron shafts. It has to feel awful for you. If you're playing 65 gram iron shafts you're going to want a wedge shaft in the 75-90 gram range. Don't worry about swing weight when you reshaft as long as you go to a club builder and not a club gluer as they'll ensure they build to whatever swing weight you request through the use of tip weights and/or tungsten mixed with the epoxy.
  2. Why not go for a fitting? You can hit all the shafts on the same head to see what works best, even if it is your current model, at least you'd have peace of mind knowing that shaft is the best for you.
  3. One of the most consistent shafts with super tight dispersion that I've found, period. Add in the best vibration reduction capabilities on the market and you have a shaft that fits everyone from the 30 year old 3 handicapper to Mr Havenkamp at the club. I am Not playing them right now, but have in the past and they're fantastic. The key is finding one in the correct weight range and then flex. I don't think they play stiffer than c tapers or project X or any of the others, just different. Snedeker and Kuch play the 95 stiff, so don't be surprised if you end up lighter/softer than anticipated. The bones of the shaft is graphite but then it has 50+ miles of Steelfiber material wrapped around each individual shaft!
  4. Yea, you should just quit. I'll PayPal you $50 and a FedEx label for your whole bag.
  5. Well I played one round with it and had the 50 gram insert installed (no real point in using if you're not going counter core IMO as there are many other pistol shapes for $10 or less). Hated it so much I not only switched putters at the turn, but i removed the whole thing as soon as my round was over. No feel for me on distance putts but a dream in 8 foot and in.
  6. Made the switch to these for daily use about three or four years ago and love them. Have never worn or purchased the low profile versions though.
  7. Awesome test once again and not surprised at the majority of the results. M1 is good. I am a bit Dumb founded at how the Alpha and M1 430 finished so high. Those are two of the most difficult to hit and lowest launching and spinning drivers I've hit this year.
  8. I've seen pics on WRX. Look sweet. One thing I'm interested in is if they release Srixon or Clevelands with a v sole this year.
  9. There's nothing out that's similar to the 905r, everything is better. What shaft is in the 905r? Be sure you're trying the newer drivers with the proper shaft and you'll see how much better your misses will be.
  10. Glad to see they barely changed a thing with the irons! Actually have 545/745 combo set in the bag this year. Fantastic set!
  11. LOL that sucks! In terms of golf stores, just driving to work I pass 2 PGA Superstores, 2 Golfsmith's, a Golf Galaxy, and two mom n pop stores.
  12. They def stepped up their game for this years social, RHF is an amazing experience! Very cool for all who went.
  13. So many variables- you with your weight loss and possible swing change is one along with going to the different stores at different times to compare results from different days. The other variable would be hitting off of different launch monitors and simulators (unless it is Trackman you can disregard any measurements of swing speed). A few other variables would be not hitting the different shafts on the same head to compare which shaft works best for you. The final variable would be once you found the right shaft, not hitting the different heads on the exact same shaft to compare. The key to a proper comparison is eliminating variables and that is something you did not do. The only thing that matters is that you found the set that works best for you and are currently happy with them!
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