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  1. I just have to try one- going to order one tomorrow. I've rolled quite a few Edel's and absolutely love the look and feel of them. Really wish I could go through the Edel Fitting process.
  2. Martini tees are awesome! I've never used one, but carried them in my shop from 2008-2014 and they killed it. Not only are the virtually unbreakable and difficult to lose, but people love them because of how easy it is to tee the ball up. I know most of you probably don't have that problem, but if you've ever watched a beginner or a senior who has the shakes try and tee a ball up you understand why this tee works so well. Good review!
  3. Nice! Mi familia is from Recoaro Terme just north of Verona so they wouldn't appreciate me rolling a putter from anywhere else. I think I'm going to go to the show this year- haven't been in awhile- it's be nice to check em out!
  4. Awesome putter! Now is the time to buy with the current exchange rate! 350 euros is about $385 American! What part of Italy are these made in? Don't say Sicily... Don't say Sicily... Don't say Sicily...
  5. Played Steeple Chase today for the first time ever. Very fun golf course. Would have never known it was a muni if the couple I was paired with didn't mention it to me. Not very long, has good mix of holes (short long, straight dogleg), condition was fantastic aside from number ten green being covered with goose crap. Green rolled nice, fairways in good shape, rough healthy and thick. The village/park district spends some money out here! Had some poor putting performances lately so I picked up a counter balanced two ball fang putter at the superstore by my house. Used it today and on the third hole I wanted to run to my car bc this thing was hot garbage! Rolled it well at the store but on an actual green I couldn't hit the hole from three feet away. The entire putter is so heavy I just suck with it- leave the face WIDE open. Good thing they have a 30 day return policy! I played from the back tees which were gold in color (6827, 73.1, 139) and I shot 82 with 38 putts and three penalties off the tee. Didn't know where to go on a couple holes, and probably shouldn't have hit driver, but I'll know when I play it again. Sure have shot some high rounds lately, but I'm happy to be playing a lot of new courses.
  6. Haha thanks- when the bev cart came around I tried to get a six pack when I was with the college kids but the girl was on to my shenanigans and only sold me two... Sorry boys, I tried!
  7. Hahaha it was a dog leg, so I was able to take off a bunch. They said they couldn't track my ball unless they were directly behind me, even then they still were guessing. I know they had as much fun as I did. Even got them some Mike's hard so I wouldn't be drinking alone!
  8. Hahaha that's great! Good for him! Glad to hear he's enjoying it!The second hole I played with them I hit driver- 600+ yard uphill dog leg right and had 240 left. Let's just say they knew.
  9. After yesterday's outer body experience I was itching to get back on the course. Decided to play my first ever round at Hilldale GC which is a Robert Trent Jones, Sr. design that's about 20 min from my house and known to have the "best greens in the burbs." After playing, I don't think I'd ever say that about this place. Course was short, tight, and overall a very fun layout. The par 71 layout played about 6500 yards. Got paired up with two local college kids for the front nine and then two older ladies for the back nine. I hit my driver a whopping 4 times today. I can't remember the last time I hit so many irons and hybrids due to snap dog legs and not knowing where to go. Bookend birdies today for a crowd pleasing 68. Felt good after yesterday's abomination. Only hit 5/14 fairways but still managed 14/18 greens with 28 putts and 5 birdies 2 bogeys. Had four lip outs, too. Looking back I wish I would've signed my glove and ball for the two old ladies. #toursauce
  10. Quit my job today so decided hey it's nice out lets go out and play- horrible idea... There's a course near me I've always wanted to play, Highlands of Elgin. Awesome layout but links style with a heap load of dog legs that if you don't know where to go, you're dead. played it from about 7k I think- result was 6 penalties off the tee, 35 putts, couldn't hit a fairway or green to save my life! I shot a whopper of an 84 and I believe that's my highest round in about 15 years. Can't wait to play it again, maybe this week. Should be a ton easier without the penalties!!!
  11. Was horsing around with some young nieces and nephews a few days ago and really messed up my neck/beck, no golf for a bit. Friday evening back started bothering me, yesterday woke up and couldn't turn my head to the right. When I did sharp pains through my entire right side down through my right shoulder blades. Today, woke up with extreme lower back problems and same upper back/neck. Damn.
  12. Yesterday was my 12th round of golf in ten and a half months. Played Cog Hill Dubsdread. Over the twelve months I have played in three scrambles and nine standard rounds. Haven't been overly impressed with my putting as of late, so I threw the Ping Ketsch in the bag (picked it up last year and used for a round or two). The Ketsch feels awesome, is easy to aim, but I think I only made one good putt all day. Lead me to my worst round of the year, 82 or 83 can't remember, and I had 36 freaking putts. I guess it's just a drastic change from what I normally play with and I was missing a lot of putts right. Funny how I changed out two pieces of equipment (driver and putter) and those two pieces of equipment are the two causing me the most problems. I am going to spend at least an hour at the range today. My last two rounds I've been less than 20% on hitting fairways with the driver and I've had over 30 putts. The good news is that this year is shaping up to be the first year in over five years where I've had 20+ rounds played! Really hoping I can figure it out before the fall scramble season hits! Lots of money to be made!
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