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  1. Middle Tennessee. So think Clarksville down to Shelbyville basically. Thanks @vandylandill look into those
  2. I’ll be in Tennessee next week and wondered if any one has any suggestions on where to play at? Thanks
  3. Delaware is a Donald Ross course as well but I can be talked into Denison lol
  4. I can’t but that’s ok if everyone else can. Maybe plan to play in June too? How’s Delaware sound Matt?
  5. I’m good with where ever. Just tell me where to show up at lol
  6. May 15th is a Sunday and after my finals so it works perfectly!
  7. My vote is Apple valley looking at the choices websites. It looks the most fun. I haven’t played it before but if you wanna make the trip down I will gladly join you in a fun day of Donald Ross punishment
  8. Did you use Donald Ross and flat greens in the same sentence?
  9. I’m in of course. If I don’t respond or you need an answer bout something text me. I just started Ochem and might need a SOS to be found lol
  10. Happy birthday! Can’t wait to tee it up this year
  11. Gapr lo if you can find one. I used it last time I played with @MattF and was able to attack par 5s with it quite well
  12. Just gen chem. Have organic next semester though
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