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  1. So sorry for your loss Rob. Prayers to you and your family
  2. We might be walking it this year if we play lol
  3. I’m still at work since it’s a pharmacy, wish people would not crowd the Costco I’m at but I understand the reason behind them doing it. Just doesn’t seem to be the best idea and exposes others
  4. Oh you’re still alive.... I gotta fire that hit man
  5. Got a G400 max to get me a driver to start the season.
  6. I really want a 18° in this but they’re always sold out
  7. Crazy to see this thread again. 2015 was a long time ago. I now wear an Apple Watch everyday. Even while I play. Crazy how things change lol
  8. Looks like it needs to be in my bag
  9. Got the Jordan 5 golf shoes yesterday. Pretty excited about them.
  10. Same, even more crazy that we’ve been online friends for almost 7 years
  11. I really want a new one but cant think of a good concept or idea for one
  12. Congrats on the weight loss and being able to keep it off for so long. I’ve done IF before and actually enjoyed it but couldn’t keep at it because of my job. I don’t have much control over how my day goes so it was too hard to plan the eating windows for me. I might try it again come holiday season so I can have some of the holiday treats though. I do expect to hit some plateaus though. I’m guessing around the 280-270 mark because that’s my most recent lowest.
  13. Starting to look at a new driver. And I’m my last lesson I hit the p760 and now I want those
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