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  1. Would love to! I've been anxious to find a reason to cross a border and submitted my passport application. Also, we might need to stick to the driving range as I'm still a threat to other golfers in a 200 yard radius
  2. Thanks or sharing your experiences up here... I'm new to the area and looking forward to checking out those places. Also, glad to have found this forum and agree... all great so far I'm working on a clip to attach my product to golf bags as well as the golf cart. I'm thinking of making a post for the first 5 responses to get a free prototype
  3. Hi all - thank you for the warm welcome. I'm always a bit skeptical to share as I don't want to be in the spam category, but as a rookie golfer, sharing my swings with my smartphone has been the biggest game-changer for me... I hope I can share that experience. @hckymeyer - Yes! It's universal with any phone or phone with a case between 51mm and 72mm. Various attachments can be used and I will find a way to attach to golf carts and upload a photo! @WDGolf - The MilliMount has a standard thread for almost all tripods and works well with Joby products I'm also glad you shared Joby's
  4. Richard - Thank you for the welcome! I forgot to mention how I can benefit this group. I have a gadget - which can be used to record swings - that I'd like to give away for honest feedback. Please let me know if this is not appropriate in these forums. Cheers! Randy G.
  5. Greetings from sun-suppressed Seattle! I am anxious to get into golf after showing an invention of mine to a golfer. It's truly an addicting game I hope to make a quick study by connecting on this forum. Cheers! Randy G.
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