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  1. First Name: Max Home State/Province/Country: Michigan, USA Current Handicap:10 Current Iron Set: Mizuno JPX 825 Pro
  2. I will have to see what fits, but here's my wish list: Max, Michigan, 10 Z 765 irons 4- pw Z 765 Driver 10.5 degree Z F 65 fairway Zh 65Hybrid RTX3 Black satin 60 degree and 56 degree wedges Cleveland Huntington Beach #6 putter 34" Sirxon Z-star yellow ball
  3. Very sorry for your loss, Foz. Peace be with him and you.
  4. 25 29 33 37 41 45 49 53 57 61 KBS Tour V x stiff Std loft, lie, length, grip Handicap 10 The name Hogan means tradition, excellence, and uncompromising standards. I "borrowed" my grandpa's copy of Power Golf as a kid and even though he's been gone 30 years I still have the book. I read it as a kid and a couple of times since. While I have not tried to copy Ben Hogan's swing the book has been a big influence on my game. I am a bit skeptical of the on line fitting system as my prescription put me into x stiff shafts. I currently play KBS Tour stiff so I find it hard to believe t
  5. My swing speed is similar to yours but I was never able to really play the Pro V1x or RZN Black effectively (don't compress the ball). I ended up liking the RZN Platinum. Seeing as your numbers seem to improve with the 2015 Pro V1, I was wondering if you ever tried the Platinum and, if so, how you think it compares to the new Pro V1. It's really interesting to see the gain in ball speed of the new Pro V1 with basically the same swing speed as the others. Something must be going on there. It's got my attention big time.
  6. Thanks for the rest of the story. Having never experienced Edel putters in person it's great how much of your experience you were able to share. I got a Ketch (Version 1) last year so I also appreciate the comparisons you included. So many cool putters out there (and those that haven't been created as well) yet we can only use one at a time. Seems like a shame. Hope your new one keeps you smiling
  7. Congrats on the putter. It looks beautiful. I would love to do what you did but it would be so hard to turn over complete control to the maker. I mean, what if you didn't like the result? That being said, you were wise to let the artist create and just stay out of the way. Good instincts vindicated by great results. How about some additional information for us: What is the head made of? What is the toe hang, or is it face balanced? What's the deal with that shaft? Also, can you add some more about the different alignment markings you tried and the difference in the results
  8. Thank you for sharing your feedback, especially the comparison to the MP-54s. I have Mizuno irons and wedges so they set my standard for forged feel. Nice to know the SCOR is not too different.
  9. Thanks Kenny B. Seems logical enough that I should have thought of it myself. Now that I have your attention (and any other SCOR users please chime in) what are your thoughts about the SCOR wedges being "form" forged vs. the Hogan TK wedges being "regular" forged? I've read that some reports that form forged doesn't feel as good. And what about the Hogans not having the same grip with the dots? I've read that a lot of you guys like the dots on the grip for dialing in distances on less than full swings. I'm looking for feedback/reasons why one would choose one over the other (SC
  10. I visited the SCOR web site yesterday and tried the fitting tool. Since they came back with a recommendation, is it safe to assume that we can still order new wedges? But for how long....? Does anyone know if there are any current valid coupon codes like the ones they've had in the past? Seems like they would be trying to get rid of the remaining stock before they switch to Hogan.
  11. Thanks for the additional pics. Those are some seriously nice looking irons. Love the sole and top line. Can't wait to hear how they feel and what kind of forgiveness they offer. Please let us know what your old irons were and how they compare once the snow melts.
  12. These are REALLY NICE looking clubs. Better than I expected. Could you please post a pic of the face and maybe one form address that shows the top line? Please let us know how they perform once you've hit them.
  13. I am a huge Adams hybrid fan (& FW too), so I'll say that up front. I played the Pro Gold in 2 and 3 hybrid with matrix Ozik Altus HB stiff. Both were and still are outstanding clubs. Problem started when I switched irons to the JPX 825 pro my 4i closed the distance gap. My solution was to try the Adams Super LS. Loved the ball speed from the head, But hated the feel (thick hatchet slamming into a coconut), hated the stock shaft And didn't like the lower launch and the tendency to hook the crap out of it. The solution was the XTD ti in 20* with the Ozik red tie stiff flex. T
  14. I just saw this on the service-center page: "Aftermarket alterations including re-shafting, loft and lie adjustments or re-milling/grinding voids the warranty." So the warranty for the clubs lasts a lifetime but becomes void if you have the lies adjusted? I understood that forged clubs can get out of whack and loft or lie angle may need periodic adjustment. This seems like a recipe for unhappy customers.
  15. I have a version 1 and my serial number starts 0060, NOT 0066. Does this mean I don't qualify for the rebate? Does this mean that my grooves may not be too deep? Was mine in an earlier production run? I guess in the end it doesn't matter because the thing just flat out makes puts. Not the best feeling putter, but I haven't tried anything more effective at getting the ball in the hole. Like Bones said (more or less), when it misses the next put is a tap in.
  16. Welcome, John. I'm in Lansing. You may have spoken too soon because a couple of the courses here opened right after Christmas due to warm weather (40s). Maybe we'll get lucky again. If not, you may be interested to know there is an indoor driving range in Okemos with a great pro shop. It's only about 80 yards long (range), but it helps me from losing my swing over the winter. If you want, we should try to play a round together this spring. Not sure if there are others on here from Michigan, but maybe we can get some kind of feedback about an outing. It would be cool to meet some of
  17. Welcome Back, Arthur. Glad you and mom are feeling better. I am looking for something that may not even be possible: Driver shaft with low to mid launch, low spin, extra light weight (45-50 grams), mid kick, smooth feel, tight dispersion. This would be a replacement for the stock shaft in my 10.5 SLDR (set to 11). The stock shaft is a pretty good fit for me but I feel like if it were even lighter (without getting looser) I could generate some more club head speed and distance. My good swings are giving me about 16* launch angle and 2300-2400 RPM. What do you think? Is that
  18. I probably should have mentioned that I putt straight back-straight through and I position the ball pretty forward in my stance. So maybe the Superstroke is just a good fit for me. I have a 3.0 on my Bettinardi and a 2.0 on my Ping. The feel of the Bettinardi is way better than that of the Ping, even though the grip is thicker. I think that the intensity of the feedback is more correlated to the putter head material than the thickness of the grip. Also, a lot of Tour pros are using Superstrokes and not all of them use face-balanced putters. I have to believe that feel is very impor
  19. Lou, I use a Superstroke on my milled putter and still get enough feedback to be able to tell if if hit the sweet spot and when I don't I can tell on which side was the miss and if it's just barely, a little, or a lot. That said, that grip helps me keep my hands and wrists still so I miss it less frequently. But I can always tell a pure stroke from a miss, even with my eyes closed. Or else I'm just kidding myself. Try it and see.
  20. What's the point in going all out when all he has to do is put his name on something and it sells out. It reminds me of the line from Zoolander: He could take a crap, wrap it in tin foil, put it on fish hooks and sell it as earrings.
  21. I can understand what folks are saying about the distance issue. I bought one 5 or 6 weeks ago and it took me about a week to get dialed in. Two factors that I think helped me are that I got mine 1 inch longer than previous putters and I've found that I don't come up short when I completely finish the stroke (long follow through and hold it). I would not recommend this model for pop-style putters. I got the straight-fit stroke model and have been making more putts and leaving tap ins when I miss it. I specifically got this putter for help with longer distance/slow greens putts and once
  22. Love the Adams hybrids. I used the Pro Gold for several years (2h, 3h). Last year I updated to the Super LS (19*). Great off the tee but I had a tendency to hook it sometimes and had trouble getting the high launch, soft landing I came to expect from a hybrid. It could have been the shaft, though. This year I traded it in on the 20* XTD-Ti hybrid with the Matrix Red Tie shaft and so far could not be happier. It gives me the distance of the Super LS and the control and feel of the Pro Gold. The slot does not bother me one bit, although the slot on the bottom of the club needs to be cl
  23. If TMAG can release new clubs every few weeks why do we have to wait until June for these shoes? Where I live the golf season is more than half over by that time. I would love to give them a try but I probably will buy a new pair before then and TMAG will miss out on my $.
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