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  1. BOZ!


    I finally got the package! I guess it arrived a few days ago. My apartment office called me, "Hey we've had this for a while...". lol


    Let me first say you are a generous man, Boz. The extras you included in the package are fantastic. The glove is the best feeling golf glove I've ever put on my hand. I've played everything from WeatherSof to SciFlex to Taylormade to Warbirds....this thing is just great. The hat is sexy, of course, and the towel is very soft. Also, best hat clip I've seen in a while! I will definitely make good use of all those things.


    I just got the package, so I haven't had time to test the balls on the course, but I did do a quick putter feel test in my house. I compared all the models to each other as well as some other popular balls I had lying around (Nike, Titleist, Callaway). My first impression of feel is that the Yellows, Pinkys, and the translucent balls are very firm feeling. My guess is that these are relatively LOW spinning balls, I haven't looked up the description yet...I want my tests to be unbiased of any description or opinion. The "X3", I think its called, is a softer feeling ball...comparable to the ProV1x or Callaway Tour.


    I admit, it feels weird standing over neon balls, but hey...if they work, who cares? This is coming from the man who just put a pink shaft in his driver. I'm a big advocate of Breast Cancer Awareness, so I'll try not to be biased towards the pink one. More to come in the near future!


    Thanks again, Boz...let me know how else I can help!

  2. I kinda wish I actually had some irons worth putting them in. I don't want to waste them in the older irons I have now, and when I get new irons they will (obviously) have new shafts in them. I guess selling is my only option. I could offer them to my dad, but I don't think he needs new shafts either.

  3. #1. Cost of range balls (though at my home course the price is pretty good ($15 a month for unlimited)


    #2. People who take their wives/girlfriends/buddies who have never played golf out and let them play every shot to the hole. Causing a 6 hour round for everyone behind them.


    #3. People who buy a whole new set of clubs every year (or season) and say "Hey check out my 2010 bag!" My God, how much money do you have!? I can understand if a club breaks or you like to collect unique putters...but come on. Give some money to charity or something. $2000 a year on clubs is stupid.


    #4. "I only play ProV1's because they are the best." Thats cool, Mr. 20-handicap.


    #5. "I am learning that Stack and Tilt thing." But you're 57 and cant even bend over to pick up your ball...


    #6. (Person talking to me) "You can't drive the ball 300 yards, not even Tiger Woods can do THAT every time!". I'm 21 and I workout almost everyday, been playing golf since I was 14 with a 115mph SS...how can I NOT drive the ball 300?


    #7. Divot-ditchers (people who dont fix divots)


    #8. That group in front of you that is apparently jumping on the cup like its a trampoline


    #9. Guys that hit their driver as high as I hit a 56* SW and continue to buy 11.5* drivers


    #10. Not finishing the hole ("Thats a gimme", etc)

  4. The team is complete. Who should be paired together? My picks:


    1. Dustin Johnson + Bubba Watson (The Bomb Squad)

    2. Rickie Fowler + Tiger Woods (Rookie plus Veteran)

    3. Matt Kuchar + Stewart Cink (Playing very well, and not playing so well)

    4. Hunter Mahan + Phil Mickelson (One for driving, the other for scoring)

    5. Steve Stricker + Jeff Overton (no reason here)

    6. Zach Johnson + Jim Furyk (the "Stable" team)

  5. Your tempo is really fast in my opinion...but thats not really something to get worked up about. The thing I noticed that might cause you to hit off-line and lose distance is your weight. It LOOKs like its all on your back foot, or at least most of it. Keep it forward and see what that does for you.

  6. I got to hit it for the first time today. I got made fun of...until I hit my first drive. By #3 I was hearing "Maybe ALL of us need to get pink shafts." Haha, it was great.


    After #3 I sucked it up, big time.

  7. I have an 87 mph swing speed........do you think the Pink will be a good fit for me?



    Currently, I have a Fujikura E-350.....57g, 4.20 Torque.


    The Aldila NV 55 is 55g, 3.90 Torque


    The Aldila NV 65 is 65g, 3.90 Torque


    Any suggestions?


    The color doesn't actually do anything...the green ones are the same thing, haha. If you like the current weight of your club, go with the 55. If not, go with the 65. I highly recommend hitting with one in a pro shop or fitting studio/range first. A LOT of people love aldila NV shafts...but many do not.

  8. I got this for $16 on Aldila.com, closeout sales. I have loved this shaft ever since high school, but had my driver stolen a few years back. I finally got another one to put in my driver, and now its even better because its PINK! Getting it installed tomorrow. Gonna play it on Friday and Saturday, hopefully!









  9. First off thanks a ton for the help. My driver loft is 8.5* ,and I'll have to find out the tip diameter because I have no idea. I have yet to decide if I'm man enough to sport the pink shaft, but I can be bought, so for 1/3 the price I'm in.


    $16 is pretty hard to argue with for top notch shaft. 8.5* is pretty low...so high launching issues are a strange thing to hear. The NV series are on the low-launching end of the Aldila shaft graph. If that doesn't fix the problem then you have to assume its not the club or the shaft...maybe you are teeing the ball up too high? Do you have sky marks on your driver? etc. Where you put the ball in your stance affects it as well.

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