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  1. http://www.aldilastore.com/-strse-Closeout-Shafts-cln-NV/searchpath/856127/start/1/total/52/Categories.bok The NV series there (NV 55-S or 55-X) are $55. You can get the 65-S for $16...if you don't mind pink. Are you MAN enough? Take the plunge. I did, and theres no looking back! What is the loft of your driver? EDIT: IMPORTANT! Know the tip diameter of your driver before buying a shaft.
  2. You want an Aldila NV or NV Voodoo series, which produce lower launching/lower spinning ball flight. Go for a Stiff or X-Stiff flex. A note about the flex: I have a high swing speed as well, and could probably be fit to an X-stiff, but I choose to play a Stiff shaft to be able to draw the ball when I want.
  3. BEHOLD. I have discovered the Aldila outlet store! I just got a NV 65-S Pink for $16! Yes, I got a pink shaft. Link: http://www.aldilastore.com/-strse-Closeout-Shafts/Categories.bok
  4. All my bag tags from high school were stolen with my bag 3 years ago...this is a painful reminder. But a cool idea nonetheless.
  5. Its the free version of Golfshot GPS. Its just called Golfshot. It stores stats on your iPhone, online, and sends you an email after every round with a scorecard like you see above.
  6. A new personal best at a new course. I only get to play maybe once a month because of finances right now (just got married and in college!). You can see that 3 putt on the second hole...it shames me...haha.
  7. The minute I hear that Scotty has been bought by another company, I am going to the nearest golf store that has a Newport 1 and i'm buying it. I have been wanting one for a while and it is definitely a putter I would use the rest of my life. After SC is sold, I fear they will never be the same...and I want an original!
  8. I used to have this OLD Taylormade 3 wood. It was like...one of the original burners. It was orange with a steel shaft. I swear you could pick a ball off a sidewalk like its nothing. It was STOLEN with the rest of my clubs 4 years ago right out of my shed. I honestly don't know what exact model was or I would have already bought one online in the used market.
  9. I have never hit these, but I have always loved cleveland and currently use a 588 54*. My dad just called me and he said he could get them for a price I just couldn't turn down (brand new), so I told him to get a 52 and 56 for me. These are the Black pearl zip grooves (not conforming). Standard bounce. Who owns these and how do they compare to other wedges? Bonus points if you can compare to the 588.
  10. Who all does the ESPN best ball majors? If you don't, its fun stuff! Its basically fantasy golf for the majors where you can change your roster after every round and you have a salary cap with which to buy your players. If a lot of you are doing it/want to do it I could set up a group before tomorrow just for MGS.
  11. Be honest, now... You know you just got it because you're too lazy to BEND DOWN and pick up your ball.
  12. Golf will always be 18 holes. I read the whole article and I disagree. While I would not turn down playing a 12 hole course if it were offered to me, it would be more a "novelty" than anything. The way most people will see it as "less holes means I should pay less to play", I completely agree with that statement. If sales go down proportionally to the number of holes you DONT have, then technically the cost of maintaining the course remains the same as if you still had 18 holes. It makes very little sense to me. I would think, if anything, we should be looking into 27 hole courses. Courses wouldn't have to charge 50% more because they wouldn't be paying 50% more in overhead (it would maybe go up 25%). Instead of $30 for 18, you could pay $37-40 for 27. Both sides win.
  13. I went to the range today and hit ~250 balls using S&T. I had some issues pulling/hooking it, but worked it out realizing I was either not keeping my head down or not getting my hips through. It made a HUGE difference on every club except my 3 and 4 irons, which I couldn't seem to not hit fat. I have always had a problem with hitting the ball thin or just not striking it well in general. Using some of the S&T methods I was able to pull up a little turf with every shot in the right places relative to the ball. After 250 shots, I have made my final evaluation: It works. BUT I sense a very real danger of it becoming exaggerated and causing disasterous problems...in order to fully adopt the swing it will take REPETITION with the CORRECT swing to form muscle memory. Without it, you'll start screwing yourself up badly. The best thing about this method is that it is extremely repeatable. You know exactly what you're supposed to be doing and feeling on every part of the swing, and when you do something wrong you certainly pay for it and you can fix whatever it is on the next swing.
  14. I will show no restraint. No disrespect to you, sir. There are certainly a lot of folks who would take great offense to someone telling them to 'be careful' about saying it. Not to be off topic, I just wanted to be clear. And now back to golf.... Phil certainly didn't want to take #1 today.
  15. I think the driver he is using is not fitting for him and he needs to switch back to the scotty as well. Aside from that, his composure is lost before he ever steps on the course because his mistakes (personal ones) are haunting him with every question from every reporter. The guy needs Jesus.
  16. I went to a local golf store today (I hadn't discovered it until today...its in the rich neighborhood, lol). I decided I wanted to use their hitting net to hit the S57's again...I am in love, but thats not my point here... I saw that they had a sensor hooked up to a computer that showed the distance of the ball, ball speed, and RPM of speed. Pretty cool to me, I have never had a chance to use one. So I hit a few and the 7 iron was showing as traveling about 150 yards which is a little short of what I usually hit it. It showed up several times so I think the machine was just a little short on its yardages. I wanted to try this whole Stack and Tilt thing that everyone is talking about. I watched a few videos and I got the basic idea. I stepped up to the ball and swung with S&T as best I knew and hit 3 shots like that. Each showed as going ~174 yards. I was blown away. Not only did it feel better, but I was adding an apparent 15 yards to my club. So whats the deal? I knew a few pro's had adopted this swing, but I didn't really believe in it until today. I admit I don't think I implemented the full S&T method, but I swung as close to it as I knew how. I am going to try it out at the range tomorrow. My mind is blown. I just needed to get it off my chest!
  17. Walked into Play it Again Sports today...I wasn't even going to go but my wife dragged me out of the house and I made her take me so that I could at least enjoy PART of the trip. Walked over to the wedge rack like I always do and find a Ping i3 black dot gap wedge to match my set perfectly...for $19! I hadn't found one that went for less than $50 on eBay. Not only that I rummaged through the thousands of used golf balls and found a dozen tour-caliber balls in great condition for $6. After tax I walked out of the store paying $28 for a gap wedge + 12 good golf balls. (Pro V1, Penta, Bridgestone B-330, etc). I am a happy dude today.
  18. I'm okay with this. I'd rather the game be based off skill than equipment. I agree with the USGA's ruling on grooves. Pretty soon we'll have drivers you just place behind the ball and when you tap a button it kicks the ball down the fairway. Heck. Why not just put the ball in a cannon?
  19. I have a BIG problem (as in "this-costs-me-7-strokes-per-round" BIG). I have a bad tendency to blow the ball by the hole to the point where my second putt is just as long if not longer than my first. The same thing for shots around the green. The ball just seems to never stop rolling after the ball hits the surface of the green. I recently got a new putter, a Ping D66, to compensate for it. It has a softer face, the ball doesn't come off as hot. However, I have had it long enough to adjust to it and now Im right back where I started. Clearly this is a mental problem, but I have no idea how to get over it. I can't just tell myself "Okay, hit the ball half as hard as you think you need to" because then I end up slowing down on my follow through and blade the ball or hit behind it. Help?
  20. http://www.stillmadeinusa.com/sportinggoods.html Yes PING still makes all of their stuff in Arizona. The way Karsten intended it to be, and thats the way it will stay as long as a Solheim is at the head of the company. I love Ping because of their clubs, but I continue to support and buy from them because of their ethics as a company. EDIT: In fact, Ping has the ONLY golf club foundry in the US. I also add that I play Paul Reed Smith guitars, which are made from start to finish in Maryland.
  21. I'm the kind of person who will spend the extra 5% to get the "Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer" version of whatever I'm buying. I care about people and the future of this country. As a current student of business administration, I can tell you that these company owners are screwed up in the head. In school they teach us that its the "BEST" decision to outsource if its cheaper, but its the "GOOD" decision to give jobs to people in our economy because it ensures that the economy wont be non-existent in 10 years. The more jobs we lose in the US, the more people don't have money to buy these clubs at all...and when you don't have anyone to sell to, you're finished. That will happen time after time until we cannot sustain ourselves. So am I willing to spend $2 to keep $1 from going overseas? You bet I am. I realize that I am helping myself and everyone around me when I do that. My dad works for a company that produces glass, half of the staff that works for him have a MASTERS in Engineering from Division I schools and make $10/hour on a plant floor. Callaway leaving the US is just another piece of wood in the fire.
  22. What made them great was the HUGE grooves. Will PING be returning those as well?
  23. My dad and I are fiercely competitive...EVERYTHING is a test to see who is superior. In our efforts to prove that we are the best on the course, we ended up inventing a game that will keep you and your friends entertained and make you awesome at putting. I will try to describe it as best I can. We've all played H-O-R-S-E or P-I-G, right? Shooting hoops...its the classic pick'up game. We decided one day to play PIG and HORSE on the putting green...it was simple, whoever was the closest was the winner IF he made his second putt (given that he didn't make the first). Not long ago we took it a bit farther... 1. Both players use two (2) balls. 2. Decide who goes first, and putt away at the target hole from a common spot...player 1 hits his two, player two follows suit. 3. The player who ends up closest to the hole must then sink his FURTHEST ball from the hole. 4. If he makes it, he wins the hole....UNLESS the other player sinks BOTH of his outlying putts. Then it is a tie. 5. If the first player misses, and the second player makes both of his putts then the second player wins the hole. I hope that makes sense. Let me know if you have questions!
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