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  1. I think this could really screw with my putting. I already have a problem hitting it way too hard...this would make it worse.
  2. I'm pretty sure there isn't a topic about this...and GS may not be the only ones doing it. But to let everyone know, all the new clubs for Late-2010 are available for preorder. S56 irons, K15 line, Scottsdale putters, Faith, etc.
  3. What little Callaway stuff I did buy will be no more. We have enough layoffs in this country.
  4. I said it wasn't complete. I plan on getting 2 more wedges eventually. A 51* and a 58*
  5. Definitely gonna be a tight one this year.
  6. I mentioned that I had no alternates to list.
  7. My Picks: 1. Phil Mickelson 2. Hunter Mahan 3. Steve Stricker 4. Lucas Glover 5. Bubba Watson 6. Tiger Woods 7. Corey Pavin (isn't he the captain?) 8. Dustin Johnson I have no alternates to list.
  8. I bought it...its an awesome game. Really freakin hard on Tour Pro mode. My handicap on the game is like 25, compared to 6 in real life! haha.
  9. You have to consider they showed the making of the G-series irons...which are mostly played by those who need to improve their game and not by PGA pros. Their S-series irons are not made the same way and do not have weighted badges, but rather rely on precision tungsten weights.
  10. I went to Academy the other day to pick up a new hat, found a khaki Titleist hat with white script that had a magnet in the right side of the bill and came with a nice ball marker to stick up there. I thought it was a great feature and I'm surprised it didn't exist until relatively recently. Anyone else use them?
  11. This isn't a new video, and it may have already been posted here some time ago...I just thought it was cool. Enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1OGr1-z79Bg&feature=related
  12. I've always carried a Ping hoofer bag for their weight and build quality. I don't see what the big deal is with 14-million-way dividers.
  13. Golfshot (non-GPS version) is FREE and its incredible for keeping score and stats. I use it and every time my round is over, it sends me an email with a visual scorecard and stats for the round. Plus it keeps your lifetime stats online at golfshot.com. Again this is all free.
  14. I got the club in today. Freakin sweet wedge...I recommend it to anyone. Plus you can't go wrong at $19 a pop.
  15. I'd like to try them and write a review. Especially concerning performance on and around the green (
  16. Score: 77 (+5) Course: Shadow Hills GC in Lubbock, Texas I shot +1 on the back nine...with SIX BIRDIE OPPORTUNITIES. Didn't make a single one of them. 3 were within 10 feet. Looks like I found my new practice focus... EDIT: This was my test round for my new [to me] Cleveland 588 54* wedge...best $19 I ever spent. Ever.
  17. A lot of us, including me, like to worry about our practice swings a little too much. Whether you are in the fairway or on the tee box, stop taking 5 practice swings! I know that before I would be way too concerned with how I struck the ground on my practice swing. If I didn't even catch the top of the grass, I worried that I would blade the ball...and then I would. I tried something different recently though. I step behind the ball, take one easy 50% swing very casually, then address the ball and rip it. This isn't for everyone, and its not even a permanent habit to create. This is just something for those of you who make 10 practice swings and still lack confidence standing over the ball. when you second guess yourself, thats when you mis hit. Not only that, you'll save your immediate energy for the shot, possibly increasing your distance. Just a concept to think about.
  18. Ping could use a highlight player like Phil. I imagine they will make him a pretty nice offer if he drops callaway.
  19. Current stand bags are still better because its so easy to pick them up and put them down. In this new design, the straps are hanging below the bag, behind the legs when it is standing. You would have to bend down and reach underneath to pick it up. Imagine trying to take it off and put it down, you cant just drop it like a normal bag. This design wasn't thought through very well. But hey...what did you expect from Maxfli?
  20. 4-PW, Red dot. Just ship to my home address, thanks.
  21. How far do you hit a PW? I'm just asking for reference. Thanks.
  22. I had my clubs stolen right out of my shed when I was a senior in high school. I am now 21 and have been doing my best to rebuild my bag on a budget. So while it isn't complete, I have something to shake a stick at. Bag: Ping Hoofer Vantage Team (Custom for my alma mater back home, LOVE the retracting strap) Driver: Titleist 905s 9.5* / Aldila R-65 Fairway: Titleist 904f 19* Irons: Ping i3 3-PW / Black dot Wedges: Cleveland 588 Chrome 54* Putter: Ping iWi D66 Ball of Choice: Titleist ProV1, Callaway Tour i(s)
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