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  1. Thats interesting. In almost every case I'd rather use a 58+ degree to get out of a bunker, making it easier to cut through the sand. I know its all a matter of names, and a rose is a rose etc... but it just strikes me as odd. What is your average distance (hitting it from the fairway)?
  2. I just bought a Cleveland 588 54* wedge (got a great deal, $19) and I am eagerly awaiting its arrival sometime tomorrow or Wednesday. It has always been my understanding that a PW is 47-48*, a Gap wedge: 50-52*, SW is 56-58*, and a LW is 60-64*. So what does that make a 54*? If you happen to own a 54 degree of some sort, tell us where and how you tend to use it...also how often do you use it in comparison to your other wedges? I'm excited to see how it fits into my game, if I had to guess its going to be my 90-95 yard club.
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