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  1. Kris - Petawawa, ON, Canada 105ish SS Current ball Zstar XV yellow I’ve never played a Snell ball. Never even found one on a course to try. I went to the Canadian site after the ball test results but none available. I would love to test them. While not usually a big poster, I will happily do thorough write ups of my results. I have a gps that I use for distance measurement. As a supply teacher, I play a lot and play alone a lot. So playing 2 balls and comparing will be very easy for me. I can compare the 2 balls in all aspects of the game. Additionally, my home course has little danger so I rarely lose balls; the 1 dozen balls can easily last me a month or more for long term testing.
  2. Kris B near Ottawa Ontario. I currently use an S3 Approach. That I'm unimpressed with. As a supply teacher my year is over now and would have until late September to play at least 5 times a week and give a thorough analysis. Awesome opportunity!
  3. 1 DJ 2 Dechambeau 3 Finau 4 Aphibarnrat 5 Na Tiebreaker -4
  4. Wow. Awesome opportunity. 1. Your first name and home state or province Kris in Ontario, Canada 2. Your current set makeup Covert Tour 2.0 driver X Kuro Kage Silver Xhot pro 3w Cobra 2hybrid Call away 4h Cobra 5.5h Nike Pro Combo 7-gw Taylor made newest 55/60* Ping Tour s 65* Truroll brass 3. Your current handicap 6 4. Your goals for the 2018 golf season Break par for the first time, and get cap down to 3. Getting properly fit for a driver this year which is my biggest weakness besides iron choice for distance control, Thanks for the awesome giveaway!
  5. Wow. Just wow. Kris in Petawawa, Ontario 7 cap but moved mid summer so not played much recently Bag is trickier, but 64* rtx3 wedge 60/55/50/45 CBX wedges, TFI RHO w O/S grip CBX 5-9i Launcher Driver, 3w, 5w or 3h, 4h And of course, my usual Tour Yellow XVs!
  6. Ummm, wow. What a chance. As a supply teacher getting the days off won't be an issue. Kris 34 years old, (6 cap but moved recently so not playing much) Petawawa, ON, Canada (near Ottawa) Tempted to say driving is my bugaboo, but honestly it's iron play. My short game is good, so I get up and down a lot, but would shave a bunch off my game if putting for birdie instead of par on my first putt. Hit irons a bit fat, or weak fades that come up short right.
  7. 1. First name and home state or province-Kris, Ontario 2. Current handicap -six 3. Current driver and shaft combo -Covert Tour 2.0 KK Silver X (X for straightness only...driver my biggest challenge) 4. Driver swing speed and carry distance- approx 102, today was carrying 240 (know Bc plugging every shot!) 5. Favorite Callaway Staffer-Phil...as the 64* in my bag and love of the Phil Phlop will attest (wowed guys from way below green on 6 at Plantation course!)
  8. Wow, amazing chance to test! IDK if have any Nike adaptors around, but if not I have an extra shaft from the first gen Covert I can get pulled and placed. Kris Ontario, CAN ~102 SS Low, high spin ball flight-sadly hit down on ball Nike Covert Tour 2.0 w stock KK Silver X Were you professionally fit? Kind of. Fit on a flight scope trying all fitting cart options at a demo day by the trained Nike guy.
  9. Interesting. Wrist band looks a tad big, but I'd love to try it as I'm sure you'd get used to it quickly. Only problem is golf season here in Eastern Ontario Canada likely not to start until April. If that's not a problem, I play off about a 6 cap and play at least 4 rounds a week until July when I start playing every day (supply teacher). I don't use a system now, but do keep my stats so would love to try an electronic system. Cheers, Kris Barrie
  10. Wow, awesome opp. Have a GPS, but don't always trust. Would love to have a comparison tool! Kristopher Ontario Canada (season ends Halloween, but will play 40+ times before then) 7 factor
  11. Amazing opportunity! Kris Ontario, Canada 5 factor 2iron is the longest I have regularly played. I currently play hybrids for my 4i and 3i slots (24/21*) because I didn't like the long irons in my old SGI set. Would love to replace them now that I've got some player type irons. Oh, and I'm totally anal with my stats so would probably do a good job with the technical side of the review (pretty much guarantee for looks my review will be "look nice").
  12. Haven't had a Cally driver since my old Tour Edge. Would love to compare it to my pair of Nike drivers. Your name and home state/province: Kris Barrie, Ontario Your handicap: 6, though not playing to it yet, irons off this spring ​Your current driver/shaft: Nike Covert Tour 2.0 Stiff stock shaft. Your current driver swing speed:~102. Carry 240ish.
  13. IDK if open to Canadians, probably not. But in case... First name: Kris B Home state: Ontario Current handicap:7 Current long iron/hybrid, plus shaft and flex Nike Pro Combo 7i, cobra Bio Cell 5.5hybrid, Callaway Tour Edge 4hybrid. All with stiff stock shaft. I hated my long irons off the grass so went hybrids. Plus I use 5 wedges so needed bigger gaps atop my set, so go 170/185/200 7i/5.5h//4h. Actually need a 3h to go 215 too, but that's besides the point. I've tried driving irons and wasn't a big fan. I love my 7i, and like my hybrids, but not a fan of them off the fairway/tee. Would love to try a crossover to compare.
  14. This is really hard because if I were building my ideal set I'd have many different companies represented. But if you're forcing me to stick to one, I'll go Callaway. Driver: BB Alpha 3-4 Woods: Big Bertha (to go 245/230) Irons: X Prototype Utility 18/21° (for 215/200 distances) Apex irons customized for 185/170/155 distances Wedges: Mack Daddy 2 45/50/55/60/64°
  15. The Chev Aero in the chaffron. Very nice looking shoe.
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