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  1. Changing from TP5 to the 2o Z-star, at the end of 2o the Srixon was preforming awesome!
  2. Congrats on 10/K that’s some heavy typing for sure.
  3. Picked 3 dozen up at the golf shop, all 3 had made in Japan. found no issues with them, they all weighed 1.6g
  4. Can’t get the P770 5 to 7i out of my head.....
  5. It’s going to be something to who makes an offer to KPS that’s a whole lot of cabbage.
  6. Does the $100.00 include shipping?
  7. Yeah it seems everyone was leaving them short yesterday, them greens were brutal for sure.
  8. Happy Birthday guys!
  9. Happy Birthday everyone!
  10. Congratulations looks sharp ! the color alone should be 4 strokes min.
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