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  1. I live in Minnesota and so am unable to hit balls outside for about sixth months every year. That drives me crazy. A friend and I share an optishot...but it is fifteen miles from my home so I cannot get there as often as I'd like during winter. So like the OP, but for different reasons, I have also been looking for drills I can do indoors...even at the office or in my living room. ( BTW, I am a high handicapper and so you may or may not want to read on....do so at your own risk LOL.) I recently ran across a book by Adam Young, as well as a series of videos you can access online for a
  2. Thanks Kenny. I will do that. If you like comedy, my attempts to learn golf should provide you with quality entertainment. lol Seriously though, I appreciate your helpful comments and pm's.
  3. Thanks, my friend! I am very satisfied with my iron play...7i through wedges. But any irons longer than a 7, and any hybrids, fairway woods, or driver....and it really is a struggle. My score would improve by many strokes immediately, if I could just drive with some consistency. I am Tarzan on one drive, and then Jane on the next three. No offense to Jane, lol. So I am VERY glad to hear your friend has had success using virtual coach with his driver. I hope I will, as well. My indoor practice area is very tight so working with the driver may or may not pan out over winter. I may ha
  4. Our golf season is rapidly coming to an end in Minnesota. Perhaps I shouldn't call it a season...it's more like an event. Winter is a full blown season while golfing weather seems to be but a brief interruption. Okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration. But it seems that way this time of year. I will probably get out a couple more times and then have to wait five or six months before playing again. Golf is the way I relax. Even though I am a terrible duffer, I am madly in love with the game. Not being able to golf for such an extended period every year drives me up the wall. A couple o
  5. Ack! Sorry about that. I'm not only a duffer golfer but a duffer poster it seems. I didn't realize it was Skilz specific.....but the thread title should have made that clear. I also didnt realize it was a forum for MyGolfSpy staff reviews. I got caught up in the original post and lost my mind. Not that losing my mind is a big loss, but it is embarrassing. Thanks so much. Maybe there is some SKLS equipment that can help me polish up my reading and comprehension. LOL Tomf
  6. Thanks for the name, wbealsd and the for idea, fozcycle. I very much intend to get some instruction and am eager to get something set up. We have, if we are lucky, about a month or so left of playable weather.....at least for a Florida transplant like me. So I'm thinking I ought to wait until spring.
  7. I just got my new computer up and....running?? LOL. Still don't know how to use it very well. Thanks for the advice, hckymeyer. I will look into that. wbealsd, I live about 2 hours from Sioux Falls.
  8. Greetings all! I am an avid reader of MGS (thanks to my friend RevKev) but rarely post. Not because I am disinterested, but because I have nothing of value to add. I live at the southernmost end of Minnesota which, let's face it, is not very southern. I started playing golf recreationally on a regular basis about three or four years ago. There are no teaching professionals in my area of the state, so last year I tried some lessons online for a while, and finally had a face to face lesson last May while I was visiting my mother in Florida. The lessons were great and the teachers won
  9. I think that even WITH that stuff snow can be hell. Of course, I grew up in Florida and won't allow myself to get used to Minnesota winters.
  10. Hello Dillon. I also live in Southern Minnesota. I answered the questions. Good to have you here. Good luck.
  11. I usually am good about visualizing going ob from the tee. Other than that, its pretty much a surprise when I string together enough decent shots to make for a decdnt score. Lol seriously though, good for you, Kevin. Glad to hear you got your mojo. I am happy to report that I shot my best score ever at our local country club. It was an 84, which is a full twelve strokes better than my previous best when I played it last year. It has been a tough but fun summer as I am trying to learn a new swing. Early returns are pretty good. But I still have a long ways to go.
  12. I would like to learn to make a halfway decent one plane swing so I can finish getting my irons fitted. That is my primary goal. Then I would like to pour myself into learning the short game...pitching, chipping, sand, putting.
  13. Thanks for sharing more of your notes, barbajo! I enjoyed reading them and would have loved to have been there. Tomf
  14. I do have that book but really am not ready to work with it. I am more or less at square one. But I understand the overall concept and think it is wonderful. Perhaps mastering that system would help stem the panic that ensues on the golf course when I am falling apart. LOL
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