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  1. ed clark st. pauls north carolina 16 handicap Adams V3 clubs
  2. Ed Clark : Parkton, North Carolina Handicap: 14 Swing Speed: 93 Drive Distance and Carry: 180 to 200 yds. Club: F7
  3. Ed Clark St. Pauls, North Carolina Handicap: 18 Currently use: Golf Buddy Pro, which is about 7 to 10 years old and living on its final legs. This would defiantly help me out on debating if I should go out and buy me a new one, which I've been considering now for about a little over a year. Thanks for the consideration and good luck to whoever does get to test this.
  4. Ed Clark 2541 Ballance Farm Road St. Pauls North Carolina 28384 Driver speed---- is around 80 to 85 current driver info---- CobraBio-cell both driver and 3 wood and 5 wood Shaft on driver is Project X PXV 52G 5.0 mid torque lite 3 Wood shaft isProject X PXV 58G mid torque regular 5 wood has Project X PXV 54G 5.0 PXV mid torque lite Thank you for looking at my lack of speed to determine if I'm capable or qualified to try and hit these clubs also maybe with better or more swing speed
  5. ed clark parkton north Carolina odyssey white ice 2-ball belly putter( and no I don't anchor it) mla tour mallet 36 usually miss it right when I do miss(ha ha ha) thank you for considering me
  6. i usually play from the whites with the group that i play with. we play a round between 3.5 and 4 hours if we arent held up.im not a long hitter at all. as stated above im almost always hitting driver ,3 wood into par 4s but im almost always on green or around green. i have an 18 handicap which by no means puts me in an elite group but that is where ive played from for years.actually thinking about moving up to gold tees since im now 55 but thats another story
  7. not to change the subject but how do i go about putting what equipment i use on my replies like some of the rest of yall do. not a pro on computer or golf course but would like to list my sticks like everyone else does. any help is appreciated.
  8. bear with me here first time ever replying but if cost is no object would love to try the bridgestone 330 series of balls as for ever playing with taylormade balls i use the xd/ldp balls now because of the cost and i really like these balls but would love to try anything new if the chance presents itself.
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