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  1. Anybody play the geek no brainer, if so how does it compare to the DCT, is it worth upgrading, thinking of putting one in a HOF sadlowski shaft, how is distance and forgiveness compared to the dct, cheers
  2. Hi krank golf, i am about to purchase a driver and was about to go ahead with the wishon 919thi because of its reviews and superb forgiveness across the face, particularly on off centre hits, can you tell me how your krank rage compares to this, is it a forgiving face on heel and toe its, by forgiving i mean do you lose a lot of distance on these hits, i dont want a club that hits 280 out the middle but only 200 out the heel or toe, as being a 12 handicap this is very important to me,your club looks great but will it give me what i need, thanks, Ian
  3. ian1

    wishon 919thi

    Hi, the arrangement you said would be fine by me, i live in Warrington in the uk, near Liverpool and Manchester in the north west, postcode wa5 3lt, once again thanks, Ian
  4. ian1

    wishon 919thi

    Hi, thanks for the reply, just noticed it, im a newbie and still trying to find my way around the site, do they deliver to me or does the head have to go to you first to then send on to me as im in the uk, once again thanks for the reply this is something i am looking to purchase, Ian
  5. Hi all, i am looking to purchase a wishon 919thi driver new or used, preferably the white version, would also consider a new white 11 degree head if any body has one or has an account with wishon so could get one for me, thanks, Ian
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