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  1. Live commentary would have absolutely been cool. That said, it was all hands on deck the whole week. Unfortunately if we were not averaging about 2 balls per minute the test would not have been completed and that was our first priority. Moving forward though we plan to do some more LIVE testing stuff at the test facility and we will make sure to include some more commentary.
  2. Quick Update: We have spent a decade now developing the TRUEGolfFIt system. So, while you might not like to see it, we think it is important for golfers and the industry. What might seem simple on the outside is a disruptive piece of fitting technology that will change the way golfers get fit in the future. For that reason we want our readers to see it and its benefits. That being said we have heard you loud and clear and are working on making some changes to how it is presented to you and the entire MyGolfSpy readership. The changes might take a little while to fully implement due to the holiday season but it will get done. As ALWAYS, we love the feedback.
  3. This was a forced change for us unfortunately. The software we were using was not being supported any more and was beginning to cause some issues. Kind of like having an old mac or iPhone. This software phased us out. Hopefully you can be patient as we figure out all the bugs and get them fixed as quickly as possible.
  4. Feedback: 1. Be patient the product will evolve. We hope to add shafts and loft and flex as well. But remember, just because you want it does not mean we should give it if we are not confident in what we are giving. I think most others would have just put it in there. We had the discussion and knew we needed it, but there is not enough data to support that yet. When there is, we will add it. Until then we won't because it would be misleading. We would rather get criticism then do something that is not right. 2. Think about it like this. Most Wanted is an overall view of the driver market. Then we break it down by swing speed on MyGolfSpy. Both of these pieces of content and data are looked at generally very valuable pieces of information for the industry and golfers to help narrow choices down to ones that will most likely perform best for you. TGF goes much deeper and is much more in depth. It narrows the field down to just YOU and with more inputs. It is a much better recommendation for individual golfers. I think most are forgetting that when seeing something they expected to do everything and then some on Day 1. 3. This product was created because there are so many golfers that DON'T get fit. It just so happens that we published the article on a site where that is not the majority and lets face it to a very cynical audience to begin with. But that does not mean this technology does not work and is not valuable to a large % of golfers around the globe. 4. Global Golf for those that ask is just one of our retailers that we send traffic to. We also send direct to the manufacturers, Amazon, etc. We only do the recommendations we do not sell the clubs. So, for all of you out there that are trying to find a reason to tell us we sold out and how could we be unbiased because now we are selling clubs just need to remember that when we tell you for 10 years we are CONSUMER FIRST, we meant it. I also plan to build more websites, and yes they will make money. They have to. But the first goal of ALL of them is to help every golfer make more informed decisions, make it about performance and not marketing, put YOU before the others (including $) and always be about putting the power of back in the players hands. My career has shown this since my first day in the industry and it has for the last 20 years. There is a difference between being a skeptic and being a conspiracy theorists. I get readers being skeptical but the baseless assumptions some are throwing out are simply ridiculous. I have said it before, I hope one day you all realize I was in your corner the whole time and instead of spending your time trying to find out if I sold out you would spend it just trying to enjoy the product that we bust our ass day in and day out to give to golfers. Almost every industry insider that has seen this know that this technology has the chance to revolutionize how golfers buy golf equipment and golf retail and that it will continue to evolve. I don't think most that have commented have taken the time to realize how this actually works much less that this is much better than any information out right now from MGS or any one else regarding driver performance for the masses.
  5. Thanks for pointing that out! Part of the problem is this was launched on MyGolfSpy which is the minority when it is currently built for the majority. The majority of golfers are not #gearheads and have spent lots of money and time buying the wrong golf clubs. Once again most of which were never fit. This data is incredibly accurate at recommending the best driver for your swing for the majority of golfers. In the near future it will also be for all the #gearheads as well. Insiders that have seen this engine get it right away and know the potential impact for consumers for TGF. And they also know no one else has ever come up with it. Many have talked about it but this is a first. And it will continue to improve. But even now it is a better option than the average golfer has ever had. And we are just getting started.
  6. Great question! For right now this tool is for the golfer who has never been fit or for one who has not had a very thorough fitting (still the majority of golfers). That being said this will continue to evolve and I truly believe will one day be as good or better then real world fittings. Here are a few of the reasons: 1. If you go get 10 driver fitting you will more than likely get 5-10 different recommendations. This is for many possible reasons. Biased fitter, lack of swings, lack of products to test, etc. This tool will give you a consistent fitting 100% of the time and it is based on your real swing data. 2. Most fittings do not allow for a golfer to test all drivers on the market, so at the end of the day the odds of truly finding the 1 that maximizes your potential is significantly limited in scope. Also the amount of shots hit with each driver is typically not near enough to tell an accurate story of how one will truly perform. 3. We hope to add a few advances in to the engine soon that right now are not being done by nearly any fitters around the world. One day I am confident this will be the smartest fitting possible. That being said today is just v 1.0.
  7. So....here is the deal with the store. I never wanted to focus on selling gear. I love designing it but never thought our site would do it. Just didn;t want people thinking we were trying to get money out of them. FAST FORWARD TO LAST YEAR: I really do love designing and we get so many requests for gear I said screw it and designed up some stuff and threw together a quick store. But it wasn't good enough. If I was going to do it I wanted to really do it right. So, I took the store down from main site (Can still find it but it ain't easy). FAST FORWARD TO THIS YEAR: The gear needed to be better, so now it is. Top of the line quality from covers to divot tools and much more coming. Also there will be a first class store on the site in the weeks to come. Will be ready around the time of the Masters I hope you guys like it.
  8. I think it is a great idea. I am adding it to the whiteboard!
  9. TooMuchFlabNotEnoughAb Vader
  10. Hey Guys - for all those that donated this year yet did not get a badge just shoot us an email. The reason we don't always get them up is that the email addresses used do not always match up with the ones you signed up in the forum But if you shoot us an email we will be more than happy to get your badge in your profile. Merry Christmas!
  11. Now this is going to be fun to watch! We just added PURESPIN and the Orlimar Trimetal to the list of ones we will be testing.
  12. MikeyT, Are you in any way associated with this company?
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