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  1. I know I haven't been actively posting in a while, but I still read here often. As a long time SCOR player and fan, I've been really curious about thier new Hogan line. I'd be thrilled to demo and review thier clubs for you all should you choose me. I'm an 8 handicap, and still playing multiple times per week. To me, the Hogan name symbolizes tradition, excellence and competitiveness. I'm very happy to see the name come to a company that to me already embodies those traits. Thank you for considering my submission. Here's my RX:
  2. This is the second such message in a week, It looks pretty fishy, thought you guys should know about it, I changed the links so no one can click them on accident. " GolfSpy via aweber.com Unsubscribe Apr 29 (1 day ago) to me Eric Ever heard the term "troll" referring to someone on the internet? Are you one yourself and not even aware? Well, today we reveal not only what one is, but we also take an in-depth scientific look at its origins in the game of golf. The Truth About A Golf Internet Troll: hxxp://clicks.aweber.com/y/ct/?l=7uqGB&m=K0QooJ00GOxzM1&b=vzjqHQ0TEeeWxszt8OYK7g 321 Nicklaus Dr., Carlsbad, CA 92010, USA To unsubscribe or change subscriber options visit: http:xxxx//www.aweber.com/z/r/?bMwcnBxMtCwcrIxMHMwctEa0TOysTOycbAw=
  3. Yeah, they're a bit of a strange company. I've gamed several Cleveland products over the years, drivers, irons, hybrids and wedges and I've liked them all. I currently have no Cleveland products in the bag and I always give thier stuff a look. I think they make a quality product, they just haven't done quite enough lately.
  4. We have a few courses like that, I don't mind side hill lies so much, I don't always judge it quite right, but I usually hit a decent shot from them. I stuggle more with uphill and downhill lies. Can't ever really seem to get good contact with those, thin or fat usually, and seems to me the should be easier, I know the whole idea of paralleling my shoulders to the slope, I just seem to not execute that well!
  5. Edwin Watts bought out one of the best local golf shops in the KC area, taking over a couple good sized stores in prime shopping areas. They seem to be doing pretty well here although it has been a long time since I have made a purchase there. I prefer to support my course or one of my two favorite local shops. There's a ton of competition though, at one of thier locations Edwin Watts has Dicks Sporting Goods, GolfSmith, and Golf Galaxy within 1/2 a mile. I often wonder how one of those stores can survive, much less all of them!
  6. Unfortunately any time money is involved, even small stakes, this kind of stuff is going to happen. I think Hacker does have some call to be upset, but he does not have the right to enter into more games and decide who he is paying. The past bet doesn't have anything to do with future games. If he doesn't want to bet with you guys anymore, that is his right, but he needs to make that clear. I think you guys should pay him. It was a funky situation and you guys had no real protocol set up for how to deal with things if the round isn't finished. It's easy to say "if you don't finish, the bets are off", but you guys seem to make plenty of exceptions to that, so why should you not make the exception for him? IMO, the honorable thing to do is give him the benefit of the doubt and pay him. The way we deal with this stuff is kind of inconsistent too. Usually, if any round is not finished, then all bets are off except for the skins pot. I could easily see something like this happening in our group too.
  7. Played my last match of the year in our final event. Played a worthy opponent who had to give me 1 stroke. I made some very big putts to keep myself in the match but still found myself 4 down on 14's tee box. Proceeded to win the next four to be 1 up going into 18, which he birdied to 1/2 the match. I'm at the same time disappointed that I wasn't able to steal the W, but happy that I didn't give up and was able to dig myself out of a pretty deep hole!
  8. Another big win for Mizzou, I know Georgia was banged up, but even so many thought we'd lose. Without Franklin everyone thought we'd lose to Florida too. I don't mind being underrated, I actually kind of prefer it. I do wonder how long it will take for the old guard of the SEC to realize that the new kids on the block have some game!
  9. Uh-oh, looks like I rousted a genuine Georgia red neck! Stand back fellas, they're known to throw thier feces when they're upset!
  10. I want one, and I don't want to wait to win it. How can that happen?!
  11. Tyk

    Adams XTD irons

    I don't hate them, but they sure don't look as good as the CMB's, or really as good as any of Adams other recent offerings. The slot. . .meh. . .not a factor for me, but if it makes them sound like the RocketBladz. . with a look like that then they're not on my short list. On a tangential note, I don't know a single person bagging the RocketBlades, or any new TM iron this year. I know lots of guys that went to the demo. Seeing a whole lot of Cleveland HiBore irons being bagged, a couple guys got some Pings, several new Mizuno sets, but zero TM. Anecdotal evidence that TM missed the mark?
  12. Great job guys! I've been purposely avoiding this thread because I've gamed SCOR wedges for two seasons and should be considered a highly biased fan! I can't wait to see what you all think of them! I do want to comment on RP's take on the SCOR yardage bag tag, as that thing has really helped me out. It motivated me to take the time to actually figure out my short game yardages and write them down. I went out with a buddy and a couple range finders on a day when our course was closed for aeration last year and the two of us hit balls back and forth in a fairway (caught hell from the greens keeper for it to when he saw our divots!), full swing, 3/4 swing, and 1/2 swing for each club from 9 iron down through the wedges. I modified SCOR's bagtag a bit using a labeler and now have 3 different yardages for each club. After using this for two seasons I now have a pretty good idea what all those distances are, but still find myself referring to it especially in those situations where trajectory is important. I've got 3 different clubs for several distances. 90 yards is a full swing 58*, a 3/4 swing 50* and a 1/2 swing 9i for example. When I'm in doubt of what club to hit, and just look at the bag tag and trust the homework I've already done. It takes the guesswork out of the equation and allows me to just concentrate on making a good shot, which is of course what I should be doing, but I never really found that easy to do before. When I was 80 yards out I'd be thinking "I could open this up, or choke down on this, or . . . ." Now I grab the club that I've already told myself to grab and concentrate on making the shot.
  13. Congrats T! Pretty cool place to do it!
  14. I personally have a hard time throttling back my swing consistently so using a 3w to cover that big of a gap would not work for me. I've struggled to fill the 200-210 gap in my bag for a couple years and just recently have settled on an Adams DHY hybrid, which is very small compared to other hybrids, much more iron-like. If you hit and like your 4i, it might be something for you to consider.
  15. Had our two day club championship last weekend. I gutted out a 79 on the first day after starting out 5 over on the first 3 holes, was 7 back on the scratch side, but in the hunt on the handicap side. Then proceeded to absolutely blow up and play my worst round of golf of the year on Sunday. 4 putted the first hole, tripled the second, then lost 3 balls on the back nine! WTF, I HATE THIS GAME!
  16. You're doing the right thing recording every score. To do anything else is to cheat as I'm sure you know. To get a more accurate handicap that reflects your ability on new courses, you would have to go play some new courses. The problem is that if you play alot of golf on your home course, it's pretty hard to get enough away rounds in to make much difference, seeing as how only the 10 best of your last 20 scores are used. So say if you play twice a week at home, and once a month away, only two or 3 away scores would ever even have a chance to be counted, if they are among your higher scores, then they won't factor into your handicap at all, although the experience will help you play better and more to your handicap when you are away. In the GHIN system, tournament scores are weighted, I believe it counts your best two tournament scores for the past year, so playing in some away tournaments every year would reflect in your handicap. Surprising that your friends don't want low handicappers on the team, and not very well thought out either. You might take some strokes away from them, but at the same time, you should be bettering the score, you don't get the strokes because you don't need them. Although if they are the types that expect you to sandbag, I don't know that I'd want to play in tournaments with them anyhow, if they are known sandbaggers, that will reflect upon you if you're playing with them, and people aren't stupid. Everyone at every club knows who the 'baggers are, and they all have them! I'd say that your handicap is more standard than you think and not at all fake. Alot of guys that carry a handicap have a home course where they play most of thier rounds. We play in a KC Cup event where we play home an away matches and EVERY team struggles on the road compared to at home.
  17. I had those photochromatic lenses put in my last set of glasses and couldn't stand them, they were fine in bright sunlight, although they would tint REALLY dark. It was in the 1/2 light situations that they were terrible, usually over reacting and max tinting when 1/2 tinting would have been sufficient, and no tint over full tint preferred. Replace those lenses after about 2 weeks. Plus, they didn't work in the car, due to being activated by UV light, which windshields block.
  18. I'm in the Kansas City area, there's a few of us near enough but we've never managed to get together. I'd like to though! For just a round, I don't know that I'd want to drive more than a couple hours unless it was a special circumstance. Hoping to be able to make one of the MGS trips if I can ever pull it off!
  19. I use both, but usually polarized. For the most part, I don't think it makes much difference. I do greatly prefer amber or bronze tinted lenses to grey on the greens, and also in general.
  20. The original motor is a 350, which we have but it needs some work, for now we are using a different 350 from a 71 LeMans just to get the car going. Once we're done, we plan on redoing the original motor, probably have to bore it to a 383. Fun stuff!
  21. Thanks guys, my first car was a 69 Firebird, took less than a year for me to total it, but what a year it was! My dad never forgave me for that one, so we're doing it again, but better! Took the rest of the body panels in to get blasted, will pick up the body tomorrow and drop off panels for paint. Then its more parts cleaning, lots and lots of assembly, and then the interior to go!
  22. My dad and I have been working on this project for almost a year and just got the body painted, it's been a blast, and I can't wait to see it finished! Here it is when we started, we bought the car mostly disassembled, some guy started it, took it apart and let it sit in a barn for 15 years. It took two trailer trips to get it home! This is after quite a bit of work, mostly on the front end but still pretty rough: And here's a few of the body last week just after paint. Color is Meridian Aquamarine, which was not a 69 color, but was a Pontiac color and was offered on the 68 Firebirds. The monitor does not do it justice, it sparkles like a gem! Hoping to have it done by the end of the year, but still ALOT of work to do!
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