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  1. I think you may have a point here! I have quite an over the top swing which i have been working hard to turn into a draw and maybe the low loft of the driver is showing that im trying a bit too hard!!!
  2. Thanks for your reply! Well I cant advise on the H4 compared to the older fli hi as I never had one BUT I really like the H4 as a standalone club - I was lucky to get one as they got recalled (managed to buy a reps model). It is maybe a little chunkier at address than i thought it would be but seems very forgiving and has a lovely flight (great off the tee and off a tight lie) Thanks for the advice as well. I think my grip certainly doesn't help but I cant get my head round why the snapper only comes out with the driver. I have heard lots of advice saying having 9.5 degress of loft doe
  3. First off all hello everyone!!! Shame to ask for advice with my first post but I need help!!! Im off 5, that's a British 5 so probably about +4 in america!! Recently virtually every drive I hit is either a viscous snap hook or a large draw. All other clubs are fine and in fact I hot my three wood very well. Facts about me that may help - I'm quite a big hitter with a very strong grip and play a Cobra ZL with XS oban shaft 9.5 degrees. I know my grip probably isnt helping but would this make a huge difference as I dont seem to do it with other clubs! Also moved from 10.5 d
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