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  1. I'd love to try out these babies!! Joe Gilbert, Tucson, AZ 17 hdc Currently using Calaway 56 PM grind, Ping 400 U wedge, and Ping 400 Wedge Would like to try the 50, 56, and 60 Bridgestones. Thanks, Joe
  2. Joe Gilbert Mesquite, TX Been using an original Leupold 1 and then a newer Leupold 3. Would like to try the new Bushnell. Thanks, Joe
  3. Joe Gilbert - Texas/Arizona Currently gaming an Odyssey #9
  4. I bought a Bio Cell driver, 3 wood, and 5 wood for Christmas. I LOVE these 3 clubs! I am getting good distance and they are easy to hit. win/win Joe
  5. I opened my last sleeve of Duos Wednesday. I now find that I am getting more distance with them. I hit several drives about 250 yds, which for me is great. My iron shots were going about a half club farther. They still would not sit and stop on the green though. I shot 86 47 front and 39 back with 9 total pars. I came away with 2 Duos left. I am going to step up to the Duo Spins before I head out again and see if they spin a bit more on iron shots. I am starting to like the Wilson balls. Joe
  6. I got the Duo's out on the course today. I must say that off the driver, I am getting them into the fairway on a more consistent basis. The sound is a bit muffled when contact is made. The distance off the driver is not as long as I would get with the Pro V1, but with them in the short grass more it is a nice tradeoff. As others have said, it takes a good whack/stroke to get the Duo to the hole with the putter. With the Duo being so soft, they tend to hang on the putter blade a bit longer and thus I found today that I had many on the front 9 that I left short several feet. I was able to st
  7. I am testing the Wilson Duo and having picture problems at this time. I normally game the Titleist Pro V 1 even with my slow The Duo's are definitely soft. In putting, I find that the ball hugs the putter just a bit longer than the V1 and it enables me to make more consistent strokes. I am finding that I am a better putter with the Duo. Around the greens, the softness allows me to make better chips as there is not as much roll off. These are just a few thoughts off the top of my head. I hope to get some pictures up and an addition to this review soon. Joe
  8. Thank you to both MyGolfSpy and to Wilson Golf for this wonderful opportunity. This is also my first test and review on any site, and I will do my best to fully test these balls and to give the best report I can. Hopefully the balls arrive this week. I am really looking forward to trying the Wilson Duo. Joe
  9. Which is which in the picts? Joe
  10. My handicap is a 14. My association with Mr. Hogan is just realizing back in the 1960's in high school that my buddies on the high school golf team were play better than i and were using Hogan irons. I have always wanted to play Hogans and am glad that they are back on the market. Pleas pick me! Joe ength: -1 -.75 -.5 -.25 Standard +.25 +.5 +.75 +1 +1.25 +1.5 Lie: 3 Up 2 Up 1 Up Standard 1 Flat 2 Flat 3 Flat Grip: Ben Hogan Performance Plus Ben Hogan Performance Plus Midsize Golf Pride New Decade MCC Red/Black 58 Round (+$11 per club) Golf Pride New Decade MCC Red/
  11. Handicap 14 Swing speed with driver 78-80 mph Favorite Wilson Golfer........ I am still a card carrying permanent member of Arnie's Army. I remember watching him prowl the fairways at Champions GC in Houston in the 1960's listening to the roars of the gallery. Joe
  12. I just got a new driver, 3 wood, and 5 wood for Christmas!! They are Cobra Bio Cell. I set the driver to 10.5, the 3 wood to 16, and the 5 wood to 18 degrees and went out to play yesterday. I must say the woods are a definite improvement over my previous clubs. I don't think I hit a bad shot with them. Sorry I cannot say that about my irons or putter though. I intend to hit the range this week to further tweak the settings and "dial in" as much as possible what works for me. Joe
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