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  1. First Name: Chris Home State/Province/Country: Oklahoma Current Handicap: 2.7 Current Iron Set: Ping iE1
  2. No matter how many balls I try I always seem to migrate back to my trusty ProV1x. However, I will be experimenting with the new TM Tour Preferred X this year. Since I already have NDMCs on all my clubs, that would be my choice if I win.
  3. You are going to love the Fuji shaft. It's exactly what I got in my 913D3 albeit in S. I'm hitting flat, low spin bullets...
  4. I will have the chance to verify numbers before purchase but from everything I have read and his consultation with the master club fitter on property they think it will be the correct match.
  5. I you know from a previous post I went for a driver fitting yesterday. Let me tell you, I haven't played much golf this season yet and I am sore today from hitting a TON on balls. Here's my take on the fitting. (This is the first actual fitting I have ever done). Started out by hitting around 30 balls from wedge all the way to driver outside to get warmed up. Moved inside on to the aboutGolf ISU with all the bells and whistles. Balance, high speed cameras, etc. Note: Throughout this entire process I was averaging between 102 - 108 MPH swing speed. As well, we were looking
  6. Seems to be very well built and the materials are good. Do't know if this will be coming to retail. As far as I know it's either a 1 or 1 or 1 of 2.
  7. I was the winner of the FairwayStyles.com and Sligo Wear contest on Facebook. What does everyone think of my new bag? And yes, I'm gaming it.
  8. Wanted to give some MAJOR props to PlayersTowel. I started communicating with Patrick about towels for our Country Club's Member-Guest. We emailed back and forth, talked about pricing, and designs. The people at our CC on the tournament committee wanted a sample. So I contacted Patrick to see if we could get a sample to feel and see what the towels are actually like. Told Patrick I would have no problem paying for shipping and sending it back after we check it out. To my surprise, look what showed up today. Guess I won't have to ship that one back!!! Getting ready to place the order fo
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