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  1. Anyone hear anything more on these?
  2. I was hoping you'd chime in, Jas. Thanks!
  3. Completely from memory- but doesn't Honma have an adapter that works similarly to Callaway's? Also, are we considering weight, or has that been made moot by modern weight-saving materials/designs?
  4. Curious what anyone's experiences and/or technical knowledge of this shaft are. I know many years ago I loved the Tensei White (could've been Pro) in a Mizuno ST180 at a demo day. Obviously a limited experience, and I can't really remember the specifics or what in particular put this one on top, but I'd like to hear what anyone has to say, if for no other reason than to add to my databanks. Thanks in advance!
  5. Should I buy a swingweight scale? Hi all and thanks for having me back! (I never really left, just have had demoralizing injury and life [and death] get in the way) As I'm totally intrigued by the Otto Phlex experiment I will be trying it out. As I have a very limited budget and; as I have found Xcaliber shafts on closeout and have been wanting to try a couple (sadly the superlites are all gone) and; as I have been meaning to fix/build properly the Dynacraft DI I tried to build but failed miserably at, and; as I am not always the most phone/calculator/computer compliant, I was wondering if a basic swingweight scale would be a good idea. Does anyone have any experience with the more budget oriented models (positive or negative) or should I bite the bullet and do the math with a swingweight calculator? Note- I can be a tinkerer, and might feel the need to check/adjust all clubs for S&Gs.
  6. Did anyone see the TXG review of the Gen5 driver? I don't remember their results to the number, and obviously all swings are different, but compared to other driver's Matt's hit recently, the results seemed... anomalous. Frankly, there are a lot of you whose reviews and anecdotes I trust quite a bit, as your consistency and such are solid, so their review doesn't quite jibe. Thoughts?
  7. Seems they've gone the "set up fake profiles with fake awesome reviews" route.
  8. I didn't know the Xcaliber lineup had grown. Can you comment further? Is there a thread for this?
  9. Can you compare the Xcaliber shaft to any others?
  10. He wants Phil's 2 wood! Bump for ya!
  11. I'd like to know how you got that deal. I'm very interested in Tour Edge and hope to be in good enough shape to get a fitting this year.
  12. I'm tempted to go test one- what are you guys' thoughts on your new drivers?
  13. I still look at the detached and cracked head of my 9064ls wistfully...
  14. So I bought a used Rogue for my girl because it was the best for her on demo day a few years back, and she thought it was sooo pretty. She likes matte, satin, or flat finishes- is there any way to accomplish this without destroying it? I was thinking wet sanding with 2000 grit- but would the colors and details still be visible? Think SIM driver finish... Would I have to redo the details? Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  15. I don't have a trade but I have cash... Let me know if you want to deal.
  16. Will therr be a rebroadcast? I had to work all weekend. F covid!
  17. Perhaps the grind you want isn't offered and you prefer your wedges to match- or you like everything else about them, but need a little more heel relief, etc.
  18. I'm curious if this exists- do any of you spies know of a place that will do a custom grind/refinish on clubs?
  19. Here are a few of my movember and/or no shave November "looks". What next..?
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