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  1. Seems they've gone the "set up fake profiles with fake awesome reviews" route.
  2. AH1980MN

    G AH

    Thanks all!
  3. I didn't know the Xcaliber lineup had grown. Can you comment further? Is there a thread for this?
  4. Can you compare the Xcaliber shaft to any others?
  5. He wants Phil's 2 wood! Bump for ya!
  6. I'd like to know how you got that deal. I'm very interested in Tour Edge and hope to be in good enough shape to get a fitting this year.
  7. I'm tempted to go test one- what are you guys' thoughts on your new drivers?
  8. I still look at the detached and cracked head of my 9064ls wistfully...
  9. I believe Yonex had a similar offering.
  10. So I bought a used Rogue for my girl because it was the best for her on demo day a few years back, and she thought it was sooo pretty. She likes matte, satin, or flat finishes- is there any way to accomplish this without destroying it? I was thinking wet sanding with 2000 grit- but would the colors and details still be visible? Think SIM driver finish... Would I have to redo the details? Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  11. I don't have a trade but I have cash... Let me know if you want to deal.
  12. Will therr be a rebroadcast? I had to work all weekend. F covid!
  13. Perhaps the grind you want isn't offered and you prefer your wedges to match- or you like everything else about them, but need a little more heel relief, etc.
  14. I'm curious if this exists- do any of you spies know of a place that will do a custom grind/refinish on clubs?
  15. Here are a few of my movember and/or no shave November "looks". What next..?
  16. @fixyurdivot I believe 2nd Swing has a location near you- a perennial Top 100 fitter. *Oops- jumped the gun, didn't read the rest of the comments, rookie mistake. In any case I've been in the tour van section of the Minnetonka store (before remodeling) and it was a legit TXG looking suite. I haven't personally been fit there but I've heard many good things.
  17. D7 driver was/is a sneaky pete for sure.
  18. I wonder if the haters have ever tried Kirkland Signature products...
  19. Check YouTube- there are some reviews out there.
  20. Very nice! I don't know why I'm in such a twitch over these- I guess I've built up my own anticipation but I love the fact that Costco is stepping into the ring with golf clubs.
  21. I love it! I've got several sets of classics- Macgregor Nicklaus Muirfield Anniversarys, Hogan Bounce Soles, Hagen "Forged in USA"s and I occasionally sneak my girlfriend's Wilson Progressives out. It's really a lot of fun. FG17s are probably next on my classics list.
  22. Speaking of doing your wallet a favor- check out Wilson D7 and Tour Edge EXS/220. Both are really solid and priced under the bigger names- not the most options available but definitely try them if your fitter stocks them.
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