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  1. Yep. New website with good info on the different styles, etc.
  2. 20.00 for a pair of socks DOES seem high. No "try before you buy" program either! :-)
  3. I've got a full bag of them right now. Sold two Kevlar Green this weekend by simply letting the playing partners hit mine. Irons shafts seem longer (distance) than my usual shaft by a noticable margin. :-)
  4. Dixon Balls. Dixon Balls. Say it five times fast.... Let it sink in.
  5. The stiff is just what I happened to have on hand. It wasn't FIT to him but surprisingly, he didn't overload it even with his relatively strong transition.
  6. I'm not even a reviewer but I put this shaft in the hands of a guy with an average swing speed of 120 miles an hour today. He's a decent ball striker and hits the ball a long way as you can imagine. He absolutely crushes the green Kevlar in a 72 gram stiff with a Cobra Biocell + set at 9.5 degrees....we played 18 together with it and we both tried to get it to balloon into the wind and it just wouldn't. I must say that under those conditions this is a very promising development. I don't have specs or spin or anything at this point but those things don't matter on a golf course. It just flat out performed today.
  7. "Anywho, lets get back to the shafts..." Lol.. Yes.
  8. I gotta agree with the graphite iron shaft sentiment. They are so good now that dispersion is NOT an issue. Weight tolerances are excellent as well. Swingweighting is a breeze.
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