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  1. Yep. New website with good info on the different styles, etc.
  2. 20.00 for a pair of socks DOES seem high. No "try before you buy" program either! :-)
  3. I've got a full bag of them right now. Sold two Kevlar Green this weekend by simply letting the playing partners hit mine. Irons shafts seem longer (distance) than my usual shaft by a noticable margin. :-)
  4. Dixon Balls. Dixon Balls. Say it five times fast.... Let it sink in.
  5. The stiff is just what I happened to have on hand. It wasn't FIT to him but surprisingly, he didn't overload it even with his relatively strong transition.
  6. I'm not even a reviewer but I put this shaft in the hands of a guy with an average swing speed of 120 miles an hour today. He's a decent ball striker and hits the ball a long way as you can imagine. He absolutely crushes the green Kevlar in a 72 gram stiff with a Cobra Biocell + set at 9.5 degrees....we played 18 together with it and we both tried to get it to balloon into the wind and it just wouldn't. I must say that under those conditions this is a very promising development. I don't have specs or spin or anything at this point but those things don't matter on a golf course. It just flat out performed today.
  7. "Anywho, lets get back to the shafts..." Lol.. Yes.
  8. I gotta agree with the graphite iron shaft sentiment. They are so good now that dispersion is NOT an issue. Weight tolerances are excellent as well. Swingweighting is a breeze.
  9. My Jumbo came in at exactly 82 grams on a well used but very reliable digital scale.. :-) The look is kinda growing on me to be honest. That, and I LOVE the way it feels in my hands. Lamkin grips have always appealed to my tactile senses and this one does not disappoint. This grip seems to accomodate more than one style of putting. I use a traditional stroke and grip but I can see where claw guys, etc would like this one too. It's clear to me that they wanted this grip to feel different than the competitor's and they have done that. Great outer skin on this one.
  10. Sure wish these Paderson folks would shape up that website. One look and my customers are like: Huh????
  11. Jaskanski is pretty spot on here. Not many shafts are truly round. Some are notoriously "unround". Feel this with your own hands and you too will be a believer. As for me and mine....we spine.
  12. It's a bit of a 1977-78 tennis shirt look. Kinda throwback!
  13. You stick those SF's in them and you'll love them. New billet or not. :-)
  14. KBS Tour 90 4-P suit your needs? Stiff.
  15. RevKev, Ya got me curious. I recently became a dealer so I'm waiting to test these myself.
  16. I need a lower loft.... Sadly..... I'll let the pictures tell you its condition. (In plastic) :-) Sale includes Headcover, tool and "booklet"..... Looking for $SOLD shipped. Thanks!
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