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  1. First name & home state - Mike, Iowa Current fairway woods/shafts/flexes - TaylorMade Burner / Matrix XCON 4.8 / Stiff Current fairway wood lofts - 15.0 degrees
  2. Mike, Iowa Cobra AMP, Stiff 60 gm 100 - 105 mph, 3.4 Hncp Index MCA Tensei Blue, 9.5 degree I'd love to be selected. Best of luck to all who enter.
  3. Your first name and your home state: Mike, Iowa Your current driver/shaft combination: Ping i20 8.5*, Aldila NVS 65g Stiff Your driver swing speed/carry distance: 100-105 mph, 240 yd carry Your current handicap: 4.8
  4. Tier 1: Bubba Watson Tier 2: Alex Noren Tier 3: Tony Finau Tier 4: Webb Simpson Tier 5: Kyle Stanley Winning Score: -9 Low AM: +7
  5. 1. Mike, Iowa 2. Ping i20 8.5* Driver, TaylorMade Burner 2.0 15* 3-wood, TaylorMade Burner 2.0 19* hybrid, Srixon 765 4-PW, Vokey SM 52, 56, 60* wedges, Odyssey White Hot #1 3. 4.7 Index 4. The Srixon irons listed above were new last season. Whether it was a change in specs (1* flat and 25 gram lighter shafts) or a change in my swing, I do not hit them well. My goal for 2018 is to figure out to hit my irons -- or better yet some new Cobra irons -- again. For the record, the Srixon's replaced Cobra s3 Pro irons and it looks like a bad move.
  6. Mike, Iowa Cobra AMP Cell, Fujikara Fuel 60, Stiff 100 mph, 260 yds @mlathrop / Mike Lathrop / golfbymagic Android
  7. 1. Iowa 2. Odyssey Works Versa #1 3. Making a consistent, solid strike.
  8. 1. Mike, Iowa 2. 2.8 3. Cobra AMP Cell, Fujikara Fuel 70 Stiff 4. 100 - 105 mph, 260 yds 5. Vince India
  9. First Name: Mike Home State/Province: Iowa Current Handicap: 3.4 Index Current Iron Set: Cobra S3 Pro, 3 - PW One length or Variable: Variable
  10. I will be demoing these and other PING equip at a demo day next week. Just as well short the process and go in this way. Mike Iowa, USA 4.1 Index Cobra S3 Pro
  11. Stage 2: I have had my review done for a few days and wanted to include some pictures that I kept forgetting to have taken. I doubt any photos I would include would vary significantly from what my fellow testers have posted, so I am going with my review only. About Me and How I Play I am a competitive person and I can get upset when I do not play well. I am wrestling with some significant changes in my game. I am 58 years old and the loss of distance that I have experienced in the past 4 or 5 years is troubling. I used to be one of “the big hitters.” Now I “play pretty well for a guy my age.” The toughest thing about this is the inconsistency. Some days a good 7-iron will go 155 yds. Some days maybe 145. I never know. And it is very different from the 170 I used to hit it. Even with these changes, I still want to play well, but the target seems to move. I know I am unlikely to win another club championship, but I should still always break 80, shouldn't I? Apparently not. The competitor that resides within gets steamed, while the rational person that lives next to the competitor realizes that a bad day golfing is better than many things. Rarely the score adds up to something even par or better. Too often it doesn't. But I love the game, am addicted, or both, and am always excited for the next opportunity to play. Performance on the Course This ball seems to be marginally longer off of the tee than the Snell MTB. Marginally. While I did not use a tape measure to confirm this, off of the tee I was playing from places very similar to where I usually play, but perhaps a half-club closer to the green. With my irons, I could detect no discernable difference in length. The ball seemed to stay in the air longer, but again I would say the difference was marginal. I hit some knock-down shots where the ball produced the desired flight. To me it can be hit by good players and produce the result they want for the shot being played. It is very difficult to measure roll parameters because it is currently so wet in our area that more balls plug than bounce at this time. Most people would prefer to see more roll on our course. A lot of run will rarely cause issues. It hit it pretty straight in general and the trajectory and flight path matched what I see in my usual game. This was true on full shots and less-than-full “feel” shots like pitching and chipping. I did chip-in once the first round I played with it, so it must be true, right? The Vice Pro Soft feels fantastic off of all of my clubs. Even though the feel was favorable, I could not get this ball to spin with my wedges like I can with either the Snell MTB or the Titleist Pro V1. This is a big issue and shows in the course score. The ball also felt solid off of the putter face. I will say that the ball feels strange when you hold it. The matte finish is very different, at least in the realm of “tour” balls. But I actually liked this more as I played it. Course Score: 42 Looks & Durability The jungle / wild cats look is aggressive, and new golf equipment needs this type of marketing. The matte finish is unique. I found the ball to be very durable. And the matte finish makes the number of holes played with the ball harder to detect visually. This ball compares favorably with other “tour” balls and deserves consideration in that segment. My wedges tend to be hard on the surface of the balls I play. Either the Vice Pro Soft is very durable, or I simply was not hitting my wedges crisp. That is certainly possible, but seems unlikely to have persisted as I worked my way through the entire dozen. Looks Score: 13 Sound and Feel The ball feels similar to other “tour” balls off of all of my clubs. Crisp is a good word. And the sound the ball produces off of the driver where it is most noticeable is solid. My playing partners commented on it several times in different rounds. The sound didn't change my reaction other than to elicit the joy that a solidly struck shot can produce. Sound and Feel Score: 13 Likelihood of Purchase The price of the Vice Pro Soft is outstanding. I am unlikely to move away from the Snell MTB as my “gamer” because of the lack of spin produced in my short game. I'll gladly continue to spend slightly more for that capability. But I will almost certainly buy the Vice Pro Soft in small quantities. LOP Score: 16 Conclusion & Final Score I am a serious golfer who thinks the OEMs are becoming the enemy. Golf is an expensive game and it seems to get worse with each new generation of equipment. I am grateful to MyGolfSpy for shining the light on equipment like direct market golf balls, and the Vice Pro Soft. This is a very good golf ball and when you factor in the price, it may in fact be a great golf ball. It feels good, sounds great, and is easily worth what they are charging. I don't believe anyone but the most elite amateur players and touring professionals are capable of distinguishing the subtle differences between this ball and “the #1 ball on tour.” So why pay for that undetectable difference? While I had difficulty getting the ball to spin, others may not. As I said earlier, I believe it can be hit by good players and produce the result they want for the shot being played. It is definitely belongs in the conversation for those who want a high performance ball. Total Score: 84
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