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    Golf, golf course maintenance and architecture, college hoops, running, sampling high quality hop and barley based beverages
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I've been fortunate to make a career in the golf industry going back to being a cart kid when I was 14.  I studied turf management in college and spend 11 years as an Assistant Superintendent and 4 as a Golf Course Superintendent and now I've been in sales for 5 years.  I finally made the decision that for the first time in 10 years I would take my golf game seriously and get fit for clubs etc.. and then Covid hit and put a bit of a hitch in those plans.

I love to tinker and have been making my own clubs for more than 20 years but never did any loft/lie adjustments mostly just gluing parts together.  I've done some custom paint and refinishing which I've posted here before and have another I'm nearly finished with. 

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