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  1. Played my first full round with it today, and I love it. Only missed 2 fairways which is awesome for me, and 2 misses were not to bad either. Definitely longer than my old driver, but that's not the big plus for me. It's just so well balanced through the swing, it feels as though you can't get off plane. Point and shoot. I'm a big fan of the feel off the face as well, it feels as though the balls on the face slightly longer than normal, its hard to explain, but its good. Generally best driver I've had so far
  2. No I haven't. I've got a few of their balls that I won, but I'm not a huge fan of them to be honest. I'm a Srixon Z-Star man.
  3. True, but normally we get it 6 months after you, not before. It's so nice change.
  4. The Razr Hawk has already been released over here in Australia (has to be the first time we have ever got stuff before the US). I got one on Sunday, and so far I love it. I was playing a 09 Burner TP 9.5*( but I think I really should have had a 10.5*) and the Razr Hawk is just blowing it away. I got in 10.5 neutral with a stiff stock shaft. Its about 20m longer for me constantly, which is huge, but as I said I don't think the 9.5 burner really suited me. I'm try and write a review once I've played it a bit more, but here are some pics for now.
  5. Can you put up some more pictures when you've used them for a couple of weeks to show how the grooves are wearing. I've heard mixed reviews on how they stand up.
  6. I'm using Free Caddie at the Moment, and have been really happy with it. I've got it on a Galaxy S and it seems to be really accurate. The free version which I use just gives you front, centre, and back of green distances. Their is a paid version which I'm going to give a try once my sprained ankle is OK. That gives you loads more functions and can upload your stats to their site which then gives you graphs and charts, which looks cool.
  7. Thats an awesome looking putter. Personally i wouldn't have gone for the green dot, but thats just me.
  8. What ball where you testing the putter with? I heard a pro saying a while ago that he doesn't like the site dot theory as for him it does not allow you have a proper press forward at address. So I guess the SeeMore putters will only work for people who don't do that.
  9. You just have to look at his results this season, he is still defiantly a top 10 player, and you would mad not to have him in your team.
  10. They've already lost Villegas from their books which really doesn't help them. I think he would have been the perfect tour player for them. Will be interesting to see if they can sign another player of his stature.
  11. I remember reading somewhere last year that decreasing the spin from the rough was pretty much the sole reason for changing the groves, they don't care how much you can spin it from the fairway. Looks like they succeeded it that.
  12. Z Star for me at the moment. I've just bought 3 dozen so won't be changing any time soon. They are quite a bit cheaper over here in Australia than some of the other premium balls, eg Pro V1 I love the feel off the putter, apart from that there really isn't much to differentiate them from the other premium balls out there.
  13. The designs really are getting more and more out there to decrease the air resistance of the club. As long as it looks good at address though, I guess it doesn't really matter what the bottom looks like. With the C.O.R and MOI pretty much maxed out now, they have to find other ways to get that extra yard or two.
  14. Not really a fan of the look. The sharp edges don't look right to me, I much prefer the look of the 58's and 68's. I agree they really do look like they are more of the Japanese market rather than the US market.
  15. They look to me to be a replacement for the CG14 wedges. Cleveland seem to have a players wedge and a GI wedge series now. Not a bad idea IMO, should fit more people.
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