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  1. I'd have to say an albatross is more difficult. I've had four holes in one and zero albatrosses. I've come close to many additional holes in one but really have only come close to one albatross (1/2 a roll short from 250). Also, now that I've aged considerably I still have four opportunities a round for a hole in one and about four opportunities a month for an albatross ( even after moving up tees).
  2. It depends on when I put the last new ball in play. If I put it in play half way through the previous round I probably start the next round with it. I won't go more than 36 holes with a ball and that is pretty rare. We have coquina/sand cart paths (no drops) that don't really mar a golf ball. Trees will discolor a ball but most of my damage comes from bladed bunker shots. Occasionally I will lose a ball in a water hazard, whoops, penalty area. Also, we have an older tree with an opening in the base that is just right of the 18th green. Many times I will toss my ball in that opening to pay homage to the golf trolls/tree monkeys in hopes that I will get favorable bounces my next round. "I'm not superstitious but I am a little stitious."
  3. My wedges go 44-48-54-58. So I have the 6* gap on the 48-54 wedges. I don't have many situations that arise where I'm uncomfortable choosing one or the other. I'm an old codger and my wedges don't go all that far but a full shot is...44=115; 48=100; 54=83 and 58=68.
  4. I've been fit indoors with Club Champion and at Edwin Watts. I've been fit outdoors at TPC Sawgrass and Sea Island Resort. I've found all of the fittings to identify the same issue with me...too much spin on my driver. All of the fittings have produced similar results with the irons. The only identifiable difference in the indoor vs outdoor was consistency of the contact. I was more consistent with solid contact outdoors than indoors. I assume everyone has some "throwaway" shots that don't fit the typical shot pattern. I have more throwaways indoors than outdoors. Claustrophobia maybe?
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