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  1. Anyone changed shafts on a 2017 set of P790 irons. I was told because of the speed foam heating the head to change shafts would mess with the Speed Foam? Anyone done this and what was the result?
  2. There has always been somewhat of a discriminatory attitude towards left handed golfers by the golf club makers. It seems to be getting worse and not better. Wedges and Putters seem to be the worst as many club makers have limited or no models for left handed golfers. I've always played a 64 degree wedge and currently game a 3 year old Cobra. I would like to change it but I can't actually find one from the mainstream club makers in a lefty version. Even Callaway doesn't make a 64 degree wedge for lefties, which is somewhat surprising given thier biggest star, LEFTY, made the club famous. That almost seems criminal or at least sacralegious. I get the economics but it still hurts. So what is a lefty to do? My groves are wornout on my Cobra and I'd like to get a new wedge. Years back when the wedges were made of soft forged metal, bending was easy. Now I believe most wedges are made out of harder carbon steel that limits or eliminates bending. Thoughts? Prayers? Ideas?
  3. My old Trusty Rusty 61 (bent to a 64). I customized it and sand it often as it likes to rust. I let the face rust but like the body shiny. It has to be 20+ years old. Anyone know how old it is?
  4. Why not Fly into Los Angeles as it is probably the easiest place to fly to in the U.S. from Austrailia. There are a bunch of great course from Los Angeles to San Diego. If you booked your trip in February you could watch the PGA tourney at Riviera (Northern Trust Open - Feb 14-17). Or you could get to Arizona and watch the WCG Accenture Match Play the following weekend. Great golf in Arizona as well. That's what i would do.
  5. Decided to go to Temecula, California as it appears to be a much better value for the money. Seems to be some pretty nice courses: Red Hawk, Summerly, Cross Creek, etc.
  6. Yeah there are a bunch of us Lefty's north of the border. I've seen stats that say 37% of Canadian Golfers are lefty's while the figure for the U.S. is 10%. They say it has to do with hockey up here. I can't tell you how many times I have ended up in all Lefty foresome's, which would be really rare in the States. It is definitely frustrating showing up at the golf store and not being able to have the same selection as righty's. Most manufactuers make left handed options, however not all the lofts etc. I am a little ticked at Cobra as the Amp Forged Irons only come in Right. I sent an email to Cobra asking if they had plans to make a left handed version and they did not even respond. I was thinking about taking it out on my 15+ year old trusty rusty 61 degree wedge (bent to 64) but I like it to much. We may have an advantage on the course as apparently most courses may set up better for lefty's off the tee although I've never seen any stats on that.
  7. I use stiff in everything except my fairway wood (Adams Speedline Fast 12 / 17 Degree) which I went down to a regular flex to help me get it up in the air.
  8. I'm from Sioux Lookout, Ontario but I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba now. i accidently posted twice, any idea how to delete a post?
  9. Hi I am planning a Golf Trip to Palm Springs at the end of February. Anyone know who the best tour operators are for that area? I spent a week in Myrtle Beach two years ago and a week on the Mississippi Gulf Coast last year. Thought I would give Palm Springs a try. They don't appear to be quite the bargain that Myrtle or Miss is? Any suggestions on courses?
  10. Thought I would start by saying hello and finish by saying I visit this great site the most for my Golf fix, especially when it is snowing up here.
  11. Thought I would start by saying hello and finish by saying I visit this great site the most for my Golf fix, especially when it is snowing up here.
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