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  1. Hey Robin, From all your disciples north of the 49th, welcome back! Be well brother.
  2. Yikes! The dreaded colonoscopy. Good luck brother!
  3. Hello, my name is Kyle...and I have a problem. Sounds eerily like an AA meeting doesn't it. But I suppose we all have this affliction called golf,don't we. Tis a fine line between pain and please laddie. From where do you hail brother? I myself, am somewhat new, although you'd never guess it by my appearance. This game has taken it's toll on this old frame. I don't believe, I'll ever be the same. Welcome, and pull up a chair my son. Now,,,tell us what's on your mind.
  4. This Thursday past was a lesson in humility. Must've been new golf Gods at the table, that didn't know me. Humility 2.0?
  5. Oops, sorry! This post originated back in March. I'm a little late to this dance huh. Oh well. How about..."good morning". That should work.
  6. Don't agree with Renegar on that/their policy. Give the man what he wants. Not a big deal, he really only wants the head anyway. Explain the pros and/or cons of what he wants, or thinks he wants, then sell it to the man. Simple exercise to shorten it.
  7. Unless it is an emergency job, why not buy a proper shim/ferrule adapter from Golfworks?
  8. My Srixon Z355 irons arrived yesterday. The end of ho'ing for this season, I hope.
  9. Did pretty well this year with my addiction. Just one putter (Odyssey Works Big T blade), and a set of Srixon Z355 irons, that haven't arrived yet.
  10. Up here, both Cabot courses are like that. A great concept, if we all shared the ability to walk, but to exclude those with physical limitations, is hardly equitable. The experience can be shared, and you can smell the roses, just as well from the comfort of a cart seat.
  11. Oops, sorry! I never thought to pose this question to you on the last post... My insatiable appetite for all things golf, has taken me to counterbalanced clubs, and therefore, shafts themselves. I've recently ordered a set of Srixon z355 irons, that are counterbalanced. In both graphite and steel, they possess a .362 tip, and a higher balance point shaft. Also, heavier heads. Your thoughts on counterbalancing in general, and these shafts, would be appreciated.
  12. Hey Robin, Wow! It's been 5 months since the above post, and I hope you're feeling that much better. Wasn't aware you were ill. Good luck going forward. Take care.
  13. Hey Matt, I couldn't make out what you used for ferrules in the pictures. You didn't have to turn them down at all? Lucky man!
  14. They look good Matt. What did you do for ferrules?
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