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  1. Posted 15 June 2018 - 09:18 AM Steve New York, USA G400 (regular awt) 150 - 160
  2. Yes, please advise on compression and distance impact as I do see distance increases with lower compression balls on slower swing speeds (my iron shots, wife/kids driver tee shots).
  3. I'm not good enough yet to tell the differences with similar performing balls so just wanted to get feedback from better players as I'd rather pay $20/dozen for the MG Golf Tour c4. Does anyone know what the compression is for these balls?
  4. I couldn't find a review of this ball so I'd like to request golfspy do a review of this ball and any other lower priced urethane ball versus the popular premium urethane balls. It would be a real value-added review as I think there might be very little difference.
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