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BestGrips.com is changing the world of golf one grip at a time. Our grips and head covers are hand made in the USA. This greatly increases the quality of our products and the ability to add an unparalleled depth of customization to all of our products.


Because we use genuine leather (no cheap sheep or kangaroo substitutes) are grips and head covers will last several seasons. You will most likely change clubs before you need new grips or head covers.


The product we have to most passion for, golf grips, features Protac. Protac is our secret weapon and gave us the confidence to call ourselves BestGrips. How many grips have you used get tacky when wet? Very few and if they do, the tack wears off with use. Our genuine leather grips stay tacky!


Made in America, tacky when wet, and lasting several seasons? BestGrips has the best grips for the best price!

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