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  1. Played yesterday and today in pretty crummy weather, but was grateful that the course for the opportunity to take advantage of it.
  2. Just got word my course is reopening! No practice facilities, clubhouse, restaurant, 1 person per cart. Can’t wait for Saturday.
  3. I placed my order back on February 11, and received it on the 17th. At the time the site said it was back ordered. Anyway, circumstances have certainly changed since then. Courses are closed for who knows how long here, so I should really do more with it than I have now that my golf time won’t be used on the course. My experience with the planemate so far has been quite good, but limited. In the five weeks I’ve owned it, I’ve worn it maybe a total of 2.5 hours, including a 45 minute session in a Trackman simulator bay. I have also played six rounds or so in that time, and have equaled
  4. Two daughters in college now and one more will be in two years. $ave a$ much a$ po$$ible!
  5. Sounds like you’ve found a situation that fits your needs, and with it being non-equity, you have no long term commitment.
  6. If you can afford it and it fits socially, then go for it. Let’s see, what’s not to like? usually much better practice facilities pace of play is better than public = by a great deal near me tournaments and competitions are lots of fun locker rooms, bag storage, attendants demo clubs from pro shop get to test all the new stuff when the OEMs come to do demo days staff are super focused on getting you whatever you need (hustling for tips, but never any sense of entitlement to one) usually nice restaurant and grill room spontaneous acc
  7. Thanks RevKev. After posting, I reread a dozen pages or so of the thread to remind myself that gains, plateaus, and losses are all to be expected. I also need to make time to practice. I’m spending time on over speed training, it seems like I need to figure out a way to overcome the time issues and add balance to the off course work.
  8. I’m now in the middle of week five and my speeds are dropping: Green Blue Red Right Left Right Left Right Left Week 1 130 123 120 119 120 111
  9. Yes for me, as described above. I think I need to make sure I get some range time in to make sure I can keep the club (particularly driver) swing a good golf swing.
  10. Thank you RevKev. I think I will reach out to them, it can only help. I will have to figure out how to differentiate and focus on fast as opposed to hard. I don’t want to think about mechanics on the course (of course :-)). It’s good to hear you describe the improvement in your iron striking. One of the things I’ve noticed is that my iron ball striking has improved quite a bit. Really crisp, centered, squared up. Stock distances are now former max distances.
  11. Thanks for the kind words. I believe that the training works based upon the evidence from this thread, its adoption on tour, and the endorsement from the pros at my club. I think I need to keep up with swing practice as diligently as I am following the protocol to gel it all together.
  12. Maybe there is no correlation between the training and actual driver swing, maybe there is. I certainly hope that I can get back on track.
  13. 2/3’s of the way through week three now. So far no bumps in max speeds in training. I had a range session last night to try to work through the driving trouble I had on Saturday. I warmed up, went to the short game area and had a good session. Moved on to the range and was really pleased with the mid irons. Crisp strikes, on target, very consistent. When I took out the 3w and driver, I had all sorts of difficulties executing a swing. I kept swinging as though I was trying to knock the cover off the ball with the consequent effect that I was off balance with poor tempo and shots going
  14. Every time I play Bethpage, I’m shocked at how hard it is to advance the ball from the rough. I have no inside information on the setup, but I will be surprised if guys will be able to score when missing the fairway.
  15. I’ve got two weeks of results to post. The first day of week one, I measured my driver speed on the radar prior to starting the protocol. Measured speed was 103. Green Blue Red Right Left Right Left Right Left Week 1 130 123
  16. I have a few weeks to improvise something to kneel on. I’ll post my first two weeks results when I do the last session in a couple of days. I’ll be playing Thursday and Saturday and I’m really hoping that the ball striking remains steady.
  17. It is the price that’s galling. $50 for a styrofoam rectangle is a pretty bold ask.
  18. Thanks Trial&Error. looking ahead, is there a better option for the kneeling swings than the stability pro pad? Anyone try masonry knee pads?
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