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  1. Richard Morris Peotone, IL 10.4 Maltby MG 52* & 56* 52* & 56*
  2. As a guy with more golf equipment then sense, I can concur with "what's between the ears" plays a huge part in performance. The garage holds some 20 sets of irons from super game improvement Snake Eyes Fire something or other, Bang Irons to Maltby MB2 and Raven Blades. What's in the bag? Driver TM R-1 (Fujikura F1 Motore or Snake Eyes Viper Diamana Whiteboard, PowerPlay Cayman 10.5 Project X. 3 wood Quadratic 15* Hybird 18* Snake Eyes Irons 3 - PW Maltby MB2's KBS Tour or 3 - PW Malty MB2's with Project X 5.5 Wedges 56* and 60* Maltby Tour Grind MG Putter Maltby Pure Track 34"
  3. 1. Why do you visit online forums in general, golf-related or otherwise? Read/share opinions on equipment. Keep up with what's new in equipment, training products and accessories. 2. What do you look for in a golf forum? An open diverse group of people. Been to a few forums that are dominated by the "experts" who basically try to stomp out any newbies. Like variety of topics, on equipment, training aids/devices and accessories. 3. What are some of your favorite forums, golf-related or otherwise? MSG is by far my favorite. Occasionally visit WRX and
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