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  1. This was my home course from the time they opened until I moved in May of '03. I hit driver as far as I could favoring the left and hoping to get to the split. Second shot was a knockdown running draw with a wood or hybrid (typically into the wind) to the open front and letting the ball roll up onto the green. Not one I hit in reg very many times. Tough hole.
  2. I play a lot of nine hole rounds with a Sunday bag. Something like this could be real handy with just the 5, 7 and 9 irons. A ChipR and SW would cover the bottom of the set. Throw in a driver, 7W and putter and you have a minimalist eight club bag.
  3. Sad to hear this. Seemed like a valiant effort to save the brand after a bit too much grandiosity with the reboot. I have several sets and the Edge is a particular favorite.
  4. I have several different brands and models. I want to get some like the Titleist bucket worn by Will Zatoris's caddie. They could sell a lot of them.
  5. I carry a driver and a mini. The mini is good for short par fours where hitting through the fairway can be an issue. Leaves me a full club less into the green than a standard 3W. I also carry a 3HL (16.5) that I use off the deck.
  6. Left Dash feels hard, runs out a little more on the greens than I want it to, but is long and durable. A couple you should try for straighter tee shots are the OnCore Vero X1 and the Titleist Tour Speed. The X1 is supposed to be less sensitive to sidespin errors due to perimeter weighting. The Tour Speed is the current version of the prototype that was out a couple of seasons ago and that ball was designed to reduce curvature on tee shots while still providing a urethane cover.
  7. 1. 7.1, Austin, TX 2. Callaway Rogue Pro Black 5-AW/KBS $-Taper R+, 8 iron distance 147 yards. 3. I have been following Sub 70 for a few months. I know they are a direct to consumer company with strong customer service support from the HQ, and a wide range of iron head styles and fitting options. I play in an area where the soil is rocky and I avoid playing forged heads. I like the durability of cast heads, prefer a reduced offset look at address and want forgiveness as well as trajectory control and some ability to shape shops. Enhanced distance over the player's cavity backs of recent years is also desirable for a 62 year old single digit handicapper. I have been searching reviews of the 699 Pros because on paper they fit the bill for what I want in a set of irons. I have written club reviews for a major golf publication, can give an excellent account of how the heads perform and ,make recommendations for the kind of player that will like them.
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