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  2. Hey, I have started creating a Golfer's App (not a game) for mobile devices and just wanted to see what you all think, after all it is for you guys!! It's designed to let any user read or post reviews about: Golf Courses and Driving Ranges Stores Golfing Equipment, and Tournaments You will be able to “tag” the golf course / store location etc. you are at and then give it a rating (i.e. 5 stars), write a review and also if it is a course you can give it a difficulty rating so others know how hard the course is. I have also put a map function in where you can see all the courses, golf stores etc. close to your location then you just click on the pin and it will show you the overall rating, latest reviews etc. I'm currently trying to incorporate a function where you can add your own event, say when and where the event will happen and allow for contact information to be added for other people to see then they can register for the event. So you could set up a game with people of similar handicap or form a group to go to a tournament to spectate together… Well, I'd be real interested in what you all think… any advice and ideas for improvement or additional features would be greatly appreciated and hopefully I can get it up and running soon!!
  3. Hey Guys, This year (2012) I have missed out on a lot of golf due to work and other commitments and I have decided to plan an annual (if my finances let me) "Golfing Holiday" starting in 2013. Obviously I would like to do a little more than golf but would love to ensure I see the best courses and meet some cool people/golfers on my trip. That said, I am from the Gold Coast in Australia where it is golfing season all year round which I know is not the case around the world (sorry to rub it in haha) I was initially thinking UK and Ireland for 2013 which as far as google tells me the best time is July/August... Has anyone been on a "Golfing Holiday" or could recommend somewhere different? The other scenario I was thinking was it would be cool if I organised it to coincide with a Major Tournament or Event that I could go to or something... Anyways, let me know your thoughts so I can make the most of it! Thanks
  4. OK, I hadn't played in a while… like a couple months… my old man and I went down to the shed and found our golf clubs. My dad pulled a heap of straw out of the top of his bag (which at the time we thought was a bit strange but didn't think too much of). We loaded the clubs in the ute, drove to the course and played a round of 18 holes walking. We got back to the clubhouse, sat our clubs down and then sat down for a beer. Within 2 minutes a mouse climbed out of the top of my dad's golf bag and ran to a nearby golf cart. Another two mice followed shortly after… the three mice then came back to the golf bag and continued towards the clubhouse. Before we could get out of there the three mice had ran into the clubhouse and another two followed. The five mice were now running a muck inside the clubhouse with a lady trying to shoo them out!!! Without further adieu… we were outta there! We got back to the ute and managed to get another couple mice out of the bag and then pulled a nest of straw out of the bottom. We don't store our clubs in the shed anymore haha Posts your funny golf stories so we can all have a laugh.
  5. Hey, check out my awesome setup :-P consisting of the following: Irons: Nike Ignite A to 4 Driver: Adams Golf Speedline Fast 10 Sand Wedge: Nike SV Tour Wedge Hybrid: Adams Golf Super Hybrid 19deg Putter: True Temper Pro Saturn Golf Bag: Alien Golf Golf Balls: Nike Mojo Golf Shoes: Niblick Warwicks Definitely need to upgrade my putter... had that bad boy for way too long now and sick of 3-4 putting haha What are you packin' ??
  6. G'day… I'm a new member on the forum and just wanted to lose my posting virginity! I'm a ‘social' golfer from Australia but have been working hard so haven't had much time for golfing but am keen to get some rounds in over the Christmas/New Year break :-) Looking forward to having a good read and getting some info on some international courses and events so let me know if you have any forum use recommendations or cool topics/posts I can check out. To lower handicaps, and beyond!
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