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  1. Hey, I have started creating a Golfer's App (not a game) for mobile devices and just wanted to see what you all think, after all it is for you guys!! It's designed to let any user read or post reviews about: Golf Courses and Driving Ranges Stores Golfing Equipment, and Tournaments You will be able to “tag” the golf course / store location etc. you are at and then give it a rating (i.e. 5 stars), write a review and also if it is a course you can give it a difficulty rating so others know how hard the course is. I have also put a map function in where you can see
  2. Hey Guys, This year (2012) I have missed out on a lot of golf due to work and other commitments and I have decided to plan an annual (if my finances let me) "Golfing Holiday" starting in 2013. Obviously I would like to do a little more than golf but would love to ensure I see the best courses and meet some cool people/golfers on my trip. That said, I am from the Gold Coast in Australia where it is golfing season all year round which I know is not the case around the world (sorry to rub it in haha) I was initially thinking UK and Ireland for 2013 which as far as google tells me the
  3. OK, I hadn't played in a while… like a couple months… my old man and I went down to the shed and found our golf clubs. My dad pulled a heap of straw out of the top of his bag (which at the time we thought was a bit strange but didn't think too much of). We loaded the clubs in the ute, drove to the course and played a round of 18 holes walking. We got back to the clubhouse, sat our clubs down and then sat down for a beer. Within 2 minutes a mouse climbed out of the top of my dad's golf bag and ran to a nearby golf cart. Another two mice followed shortly after… the three mice then came
  4. Hey, check out my awesome setup :-P consisting of the following: Irons: Nike Ignite A to 4 Driver: Adams Golf Speedline Fast 10 Sand Wedge: Nike SV Tour Wedge Hybrid: Adams Golf Super Hybrid 19deg Putter: True Temper Pro Saturn Golf Bag: Alien Golf Golf Balls: Nike Mojo Golf Shoes: Niblick Warwicks Definitely need to upgrade my putter... had that bad boy for way too long now and sick of 3-4 putting haha What are you packin' ??
  5. G'day… I'm a new member on the forum and just wanted to lose my posting virginity! I'm a ‘social' golfer from Australia but have been working hard so haven't had much time for golfing but am keen to get some rounds in over the Christmas/New Year break :-) Looking forward to having a good read and getting some info on some international courses and events so let me know if you have any forum use recommendations or cool topics/posts I can check out. To lower handicaps, and beyond!
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