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  1. Absolutely in the 7 wood crowd. So easy to get in the air and control the flight. Dump the 3 hybrid, you will be glad.
  2. I use one of those magnetic straps around my rangefinder and seem to go through batteries (CR 2) once a month. Anyone else have that issue? Golf Buddy Rangefinder.
  3. MSG is awesome. Love his videos. Great idea and save some dough to lose at the course.
  4. Handicap: 12 Current grip: Golf Pride multi Regrip frequency: usually twice per year Good tester: I have lovely hands - - - no, really!! Live in Virginia where the humidity is pretty bad and my (lovely) hands sweat like crazy. This would be a good test for these SS grips. I play about 80-100 rounds per year, except during polar vortices. I'm a lawyer, so I know how to write good.
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