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  1. Hello Big Stu! After further reading, I learned that Ben Hogan did the same thing as you! Hard to argue with that. East Texas
  2. Hello Rob, First of all, congratulations on creating such a beautiful shoe. I wish you great success! My situation is rather unique. I suffered an injury/surgery to my foot in the last several years. Though the “problem” has been removed, it has affected my needs in a shoe design. Over the past three years, I've spent most of my time either bare-footed or in a “house shoe”. All of this has more or less “shaped” my feet to where I need a wide toe-box and a low arch. You mentioned these characteristics earlier in this thread as being part of your design. Perfect so
  3. My final thoughts on this subject. First of all – “Mr Fedora” – as I see it, you "were" rude. Supporting your bold “statement” by claiming a video/TV program as proof demonstrates a very narrow mind. Try thinking “outside the box” or whatever term you want to use for “unconventional thought”. When I first saw the show, I thought it was an infomercial! I found it interesting, but arbitrary. In other words, it failed to explore other uses of a weighted club. Also, I am a new member of MGS just trying to initiate some friendly discussion with some personal observatio
  4. My, how opinions (theories?) change. Did you know that doctors once believed smoking was good for you? They even recommended that some patients take it up. And no, I don't smoke.....but I'm using this example to make a point. There are always differing opinions and ideas. Back when I was on the golf team in High School, our coach had us practice swinging with “weighted clubs”. He claimed that it would help us to identify the point of highest efficiency in our swing....in other words – the groove. He also advised us to stay away from weightlifting claiming that it would mess up
  5. Just curious...... I find it surprising that there is no mention of weighted clubs such as the ones made by Momentus, or even the simple little “Donut Weights” that you slip onto your club. The Donuts used to be very popular, but I had a heck of a time finding any recently...finally found some on eBay for less than $10 shipped. I still use these for practice swings like when I'm at work and have a little time or maybe late at night in the back yard. Even for warming up prior to playing a round. I picked up a “used demo” Momentus Power Hitter, which you go out and actually hi
  6. I should also mention that I still use an interlocking grip, which should explain how the blisters formed where they did. I will check out the Lamkins...Thank You. Seems I've noticed a number of pros playing that grip. You mentioned using the mid-size....The tour wraps I just went to war with are mid-size. Has that affected how you "release the club" during your swing?
  7. Your right....they are the 2G model....check it out here http://www.golfpride.com/Grips/Default.aspx?cat=noncord&grip=tourwrap First of all, I guess I didn't provide all the information.....the blisters formed from my right hand moving around slightly. I had addressed the problem with my thumb by taping it up before practicing....the blisters formed towards the bottom of my right hand, at the base of the two smallest fingers. I had some old tour wraps that had a whole different texture. That's what I thought I was getting. The pro at my regular golf course has told me he'll
  8. Well, its enlightening to discover that I am not alone in finding fault with these particular grips. Nevertheless, I went back to the driving range this past weekend with an assortment of clubs with the “new grips” and some I had without “new grips”, along with tape, bandages and baby powder – determined to find my game with my clubs and “those grips”. Here is what I learned..... 1. I have a light grip with my right hand ( I am right-handed), which allows the club to move around somewhat during my swing. Not much, but enough. 2. There are several places on my hand that ca
  9. Hello Everyone on MGS! I go by the name of Rick,...unless I'm in trouble. Then it's RICHARD! Been playing golf for around 43 years. At this particular time in my life, I'm recovering from an injury/surgery to my foot. Recovery has been difficult. Alas, the “carrot hanging from the stick” is getting back to playing golf. I decided that golf would be better therapy then the physical kind. So far, so good! I live in a small town in East Texas (bet that was a real mystery) and run a water treatment system. Married...no kids. Got a Father who is 80 years young and still pla
  10. Thank You, everybody, for your advice. I'm afraid that I'll have to just "suck it up and tough it out" for the time being. Its one of those choices that seemed like the thing to do at the time. I will take some of your suggestions, with a few of my own, and just tinker with them (the grips)for a while. Who knows, I may in time learn to like them. Incidently, I'm not some kind of monster.....just 6'4" 220. And I might mention that my clubs do indeed have midsize (+1/16) grips and also have 1" longer shafts. Thank you again!
  11. I had some Tour Wraps many moons ago...they were a different texture...very soft. Right now, I'm trying to avoid the "next time". Change is difficult the older we get. I'm still playing a 20 year old set of irons (Hogan Apex), but have moved on to newer technology woods (Ping G10). Guess I'm just stubborn.
  12. Greetings! I need some advice. I recently had new grips mounted on my clubs - "Golf Pride Tour Wraps". First of all, they are very sticky.....too sticky actually. Any ideas about how I can remove some of this tackiness...besides sandpaper? The second problem is that the "Golf Pride" logo is cut fairly deep into the rubber at the base of the grip, which happens to be exactly where I place my right hand thumb. The effect on my thumb after hitting a hundred or so balls has not been kind....blisters, etc. I don't have a tight grip, but I do have large hands. I've been having to use tape
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