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  1. Hey Guys here's a one and done game at buzzfantasyleagues .. only 5 bucks ... check it ou http://www.buzzfantasyleagues.com/MakeTheCut.aspx
  2. I'm in ... whatever the format ... know it well .. You can also set up the prize structure ... I prefer Multiple Tournament .. You can easily recoop the cost .. by getting a committment from all who are interested ... and the left over amount would go to the top 3 or top 10 ... etc... You decide ... most of us can pay by paypal I imagine...
  3. I just found this site .... not sure what or how it works ... https://www.easyofficepools.com/
  4. I truly find this very sad been playing yahoo from the first year ... and I love the salary format there are not many sites left that use that format. Most have gone to the dreaded draftstre..et format which I dislike. To all the characters names I've sworn at cause they beat me a certain week... good playing .... to all those I've beaten .... got ya .... to all my online friends ... lets meet up at Buzz Fantasy ... anyone ever put a paying together feel free to contact me and let me know I will join ... Happy New Year minus the 4 seconds they made to the clock ... what a crock the calendar is .... wish we could scrap it and change the stupid holidays we go through for commercialization .... ) well what can say .. we are so programmed by all sorts of events lol .... except for summer golf .... man I hate winter .
  5. A very sad day indeed not many Fantasy Golf sites left ... don't really like the gambling one Draft...... anyway hopefully will meet up at http://buzzfantasyleagues.com/ they run a free game no prizes but its a good game ... if anyone decides to put one together even if there is small fee count me in and let us all know. Regards ... Remi a.k.a. Sacs, Saccers, Sacwacsatit, Merry Xmas and all that
  6. Congratz to all the winners ... 33 Top 40 players overall not too shabby considering the amount of players What did the winners win .? .. And a great Thanks to Golfspy Bones for all the work and effort in tracking all five or six groups ...so much work involved ... its too bad Yahoo can't make exceptions to the amount in one group. All that copying and pasting in excel is a tedious task.
  7. Better read Terms and Condition not open to the Unite States nor any country where its illegal ... I also think they only cover the majors. https://www.playnbrag.com/terms-conditions
  8. They use to use Yahoo for their game at one time, and I must admit the Avis one is over complicated and personally find it to be the worst of all Fantasy Games I've played in 25 years of so ... if they went back to the salary format and position format ...that would be great .... tell you I really like the Buzz Fantasy League one ... its not run by a major corp just a great fantasy golf guy Marc who put it together years ago .. yes he charges a very small fee to set up Pools but I would be more than willing to support his site. I don't know if Bones did review it or not and always wondered why we din't go to his site instead of yahoo ... buzz now offers live standings ...maybe we should review it next year
  9. What with Yahoo not having the Puerto Rico open ? ... this is really where you can make up points cause you really need to know the players that may shine.... darnnnn now we have to wait for Shell Houston .. In'st Puerto Rico the 51 unofficial state in America ? or can Canada be it ? lol
  10. Shhhhhhhhh Bjorns Boys ................. that's what some of us are counting on ... the problem is top 10 guys do change throughout the year ... so its still a crap shoot to keep which guys that will be there for the Fed Ex on your roster ... it ain't easy )
  11. Beware of Pop Up Blockers some can prevent you from moving players around ... Rough week ... I also changed Adam Hadwin at the last minute ... picking can be frustrating Its a long road to tip pe ra rie ... ok back to analysis paralysis, will it be Day ? or a newbie ... ?
  12. Oh Boy moved up one spot lol .... going to take all season with the yahoo format ..oh well maybe try and win a Weekly in Group one for bragging rights ..
  13. buzzfantasyleagues free league ready to go .... don't forget to sign up for the Make the Cut also ... And good luck to everyone ... and Happy 500,000,001 ..year since they say humans have been around that long ... and fix your clock for the 1 second they just added ... everyday is a new year for me )
  14. Ok what the details on the yahoo Group Id ... have they explanded the group max ? .. I hope for your sake Bones so you don't have to keep a separate spreadsheet .. would be nice to just follow the scores on Yahoo for everyone instead of re-manipulating the info on a spreadsheet.. so much work.
  15. Yahoo up and running what the word fellas ...... groups are filling up fast ... I'm keeping one team spot for mygolfspy but need to know soon....
  16. So the word on where we sign up ? .... Very bored with winter already ..... Is someone going to start a new topic for 2017 ?
  17. Well after being in computers all my life don't much like apps very intrusive some of them in being able to Data Mine (gather) a lot of info from your phone. Some don't care but one day we may all hate that corporations will know more about ourselves then your own wife does ... hmmm ? lol Well I certainly don't want them telling her lol Some apps don't ask for all your telephone list , email contacts ...etc.. and well not sure about the pgatour fantasy one. My two cents ... don't like apps I kinda like controlling who and why the software constantly updates to Data Mine your private info .. Did you know that when you turn on a new computer within 5 minutes its being searched by various bots ... tracing them gets vary interesting like North Korea ... China not prejudice nor paranoid . but we did run experiments at work ... sure was weird ...seeing where the bots came from and then there's hackers of all kinds ... next door neighbor hacking you wife ..no wifi lol .... and on and on lol ... Anyway did anyone approach BuzzLeague to see if they have an app cause he's pretty knowledgeable and has kept his site up to date and my last opinion prefer to promote a small site guy rather than a very large coorporation. He also has a great game based on players being cut in a tournament. Will go with the flow. ...
  18. No no not pgatour one ...yechhhhhhhh lol... I've played fantasy games since 1990 ... and that has to be the worst game ever ..so complicated in the strategy ... who going to play the longest drive .. and so on ... how can you validate the points ? no idea ... mind you ... if you know the stats of each player ) anyway there is really not that many ... games you can play anymore ..unless your the gambling type and play draftstreet which we can't even access as we are blocked by our government ...big brother. I will follow the group ... I came close this year with yahoo ...
  19. Well the best one I ever played was Kerplookee ... but they died due to lack of members ... I like BuzzFantasyLeagues its good strategy and if there's a little fee attached I'm in ... there is a remote possibility yahoo may not start up ...as they are no longer associated directly with pgatour .. they did try and cancel the game the year before ... might do the same again. I hate the new PGATour game ...from Avis ... I still don't get the strategy ... I sure hope we don't pick that one...
  20. Wow .... Top 5% finish ... not too bad .... No. 18 .... some bad picks but overall strategy was good . Ran out of some key players at the end but then we never know who those key placer will be as there are so many good players now its impossible to predict ... Oh well Next Year ... Congratz to the winners ... and Thank You MyGolfSpy for putting this game on. Any truth to rumors yahoo won't be back ? ... Sacswacsatit2 Sorry about the double click ...can someone remove this ... second response
  21. Wow .... Top 5% finish ... not too bad .... No. 18 .... some bad picks but overall strategy was good . Ran out of some key players at the end but then we never know who those key players will be as there are so many good players now its impossible to predict ... Oh well Next Year ... Congratz to the winners ... and Thank You MyGolfSpy for putting this game on and Thanks to GolfSpy Bones for all the hard work. Any truth to rumors yahoo won't be back ? ... Sacswacsatit2
  22. New Fantasy Game for next year http://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/golf
  23. Sure looks like you have the segment Hog ... can't believe I sat in first so long to loose it at the last 3 tournaments .... like match play and loose on the last 3 holes lol ) ... Congratz ... see you next year or next season ...
  24. That would be me at 1517 .... hopefully will have a chance but I think there are others ahead of me ... Sacwacsatit2
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