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  1. What a great opportunity, thanks to Tifleist and MGS for providing it. Best of luck to all!!
  2. A fantastic opportunity to test new technology and a proven putter design
  3. A fantastic and exciting opportunity be able to provide input on the future of the Titleist products!
  4. What a great opportunity! Good luck to everyone!!
  5. First Name/City State: Dan. Dartmouth, Nova Scotia Desired to Test: 440 Swing Speed: 107
  6. What a wonderful opportunity! First Name / State or Country of residence Dan Peet. Halifax, NS Canada Handicap 5 Current irons in Play Srixon Z785 The carry distance of your 7 iron 170 yds
  7. This is a great opportunity, thanks for making it available to us Dan (48) Halifax, NS Canada Accuracy with irons and putting are the areas of my game that I'd like to improve.
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