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  1. More pics... full size full size full size full size full size full size
  2. I will post good, high resolution, photos later tonight. Condition is exceptional.
  3. Finally, the last unused item that I've got sitting in my office... Like new Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport. 35" with 10g weights. This putter is like new and includes the factory headcover. Dancing Cameron grip. Great putter, just prefer something shorter. pic pic I'll have better pics later tonight. Asking SOLD shipped. Not interested in trades right now unless you happen to have a Button Back Newport.
  4. As noted above, these have been sold. Thanks!
  5. Last bit of pics... full size full size full size
  6. More pics... full size full size full size full size full size full size full size full size full size full size
  7. More pics... full size full size full size full size full size full size full size full size full size full size
  8. It pains me to do this but I'm putting my SB-1's up for sale. These are great irons and I can't say enough good things about them. Details are as follows; Scratch SB-1 3-PW D/S grind Dynamic Gold S300's, spine aligned and frequency matched playing true to flex Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord grips 2009 grooves (non-CC) Club Loft Lie Length Swingweight 3 22* 59* 39" D2 4 25* 60* 38.5" D2 5 28* 61* 38" D2 6 32* 62* 37.5" D2 7 36* 62.5* 37" D2 8 40* 63* 36.5" D2 9 44* 63.5* 36" D2 P 48* 64* 35.5" D3 Irons were professionally built my a phenomenal club builder that only deals in very high end clubs. Basically a Scratch Tour Department set without the Tour Department cost. Before somebody asks, I'm selling these for a couple of reasons. First, I need a slightly stiffer shaft. Rather than paying to have these reshafted, I'd rather sell these and have another set built. Second, this gives me an opportunity to move to CC grooves in my next set of irons. These irons are in great condition. Most of my range time was spent hitting a spare 5-iron and 8-iron that I had built for practice to save wear and tear on my gamers. As part of this sale, I'll include those 2 clubs as well (clubs built to the same specs but have different grips and white Scratch logos). I'm asking SOLD shipped (or best offer) for the irons (3-PW and spare 5-iron and 8-iron, 10 clubs total). Payment via Money Order or PayPal (buyer pays any applicable PayPal fee). This is quite a bit less than a new set in this exact configuration would cost. Updated Pics (taken today): full size full size full size full size full size full size full size full size full size full size
  9. Traded, no longer available.
  10. +1, I HIGHLY doubt that a 910 will boot my 909. I'm not sure how you could improve on the 909 quite honestly.
  11. I'd like to see one of these in the "raw" format. I'm not a big fan of the dual muscle but Ari claims that they can be made however you want. I'd like to see a high muscle design like a Titleist 681. Can we do that?
  12. Ditto. I would NOT game a "shaft" like this.
  13. I need to get some updated pics... Since the beginning on the year I've made the following changes; - FT-5 Tour replaced with an FT Tour. Still with a Diamana WB in a 9.5' loft. Went 44.5"/D3 with the new one too. Love the FT Tour, absolute cannon! - Also grabbed a set of Miura Tournament Blades. 3-PW & 52' conforming grooves. Went with S400 Sensicore and hard stepped them. Only played a few rounds with them so far but I'm absolutely loving them. I'm now faced with the very hard decision of gaming some awesome Miura's or some awesome Scratch's... Hmm???
  14. Currently gaming some Miura Tournament Blades. For CB irons, these look like winners as well.
  15. I have a set of lightly used PING i3 Blade irons that have just been sitting in my closet for the past couple of years. The set consists of 2-SW (10 clubs total). JZ Cushin X-Stiff shafts in all of them. In my experience these play very similar to a soft stepped X100. Green dot, PING wrap grips w/rib and matching serials across the set. Standard L/L/L for green dots (38" 5-iron). Set is in very good condition. Asking $225 shipped 2-SW, $200 shipped 3-SW OBO. More pictures available upon request. Open to trades but not looking for anything specific, Cameron putter (partial trade for button back?) perhaps...
  16. Other than the usual accessories (you know stuff that almost everybody has in their bag), I carry a silver dollar. I found it on the golf course when I was 10 years old and have used it to mark my ball in every round since. When I was in highschool, it was known as the "man hole cover". Everybody in my conference knew the silver dollar well. If I'm anywhere near anybody's line I'm always sure to swap the dollar for a dime. The simple appearance of the "man hole cover" between you and the hole can be pretty distracting!
  17. I did have them custom built for me. Not a lot of changes from what Scratch considers a OTR retail set. The grind is stock D/S throughout the set. Weights are D2 throughout save the PW which is D3. Length/lie varies from iron to iron but never varies by more than 1/4" or 1' from the OTR retail specs. All shafts have been frequency matched to the flex of my preference (slightly hardstepped from TT S300 standard specifications) and spine aligned. The customizations aren't major since I seem to fit the "standard" specifications quite well. Perhaps. The Scotty cover looks good on my bookshelf though. If the Scotty didn't take up so much room in my bag, I'd go with it. The Scotty is HUGE though. I really like the Odyssey cover as well. It doesn't take up a whole lot of room in my bag, offers great protection and I strongly prefer the magnetic closure. I wouldn't mind a different color scheme but this was the best that I could find at the time. I couldn't agree more. I LOVE these irons, they look great and perform even better!
  18. Somehow I missed your post the other day... Whoops. Anyway, I love the F3, both the 13' and 18'. I've always had difficultly keeping my fairway woods down in both height and spin. As a result, I've seldom carried carried a fairway wood, opting instead for a 2-iron. That all changed when I tried the F3 (with the correct shaft). For the first time I could keep the ball down. I love the F3, it's safe in my bag for some time to come.
  19. Easily. I love these irons. Very workable with awesome feel. I'll get around to posting a full review sometime a bit later.
  20. I finally got around to snapping some pics for a WITB. It's cloudy out and the lighting is poor but you get the general idea. As you can see in the pictures, my bag contains the following... Driver: Callaway 9.5' FT-5 Tour N I-Mix w/Diamana WB 73 S Fairway Woods: Titleist 13' or 18' 909F3 D3 w/Matrix Ozik Code 8 S The driver is a stock I-Mix FT-5 with a Diamana WB 73. This will likely be replaced sometime in 2010 w/the new FT Tour (if the FT Tour proves to be a worthy upgrade anyway) or another "smaller" driver (never have been a huge fan of the 460cc heads). The fairway woods have both been custom built starting with stock clubs from Titleist. Shafts have been spine aligned and play just a tad stiffer than "stock S-flex". The swingweights are set to D3 (4g of hot melt added to 18' for swingweight adjustment). The 18' fairway wood is my 15th club so it shares time in the bag booting either the 13' fairway wood or 3-iron depending on course, conditions, etc. All of my woods are gripped with Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cords. Irons/Wedges: Scratch TD SB-1 3-PW D/S D2/D3, 52' SND D4, 56' SFU D5 & 60' EGG D6 w/S300 My SB-1's were also custom built. Shafts in all irons and wedges have been spine aligned and are Dynamic Gold S300's playing true to flex. 3-9 irons swing at D2, the PW comes in at D3. My wedges are also Scratch, this time from the Tour Department. Lofts, grinds and swingweights are indicated above. Later I spine aligned the shafts and adjusted the swingweights to my preference after coming from the Scratch Tour Department lighter than ordered (I ordered them as D4, D5, D6 and they showed up D2, D4, D4). All of my irons/wedges are also gripped with Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cords. Putter: Scotty Cameron 33" Studio Select Newport My putter is an OTR Scotty Cameron Studio Select Newport at 33" w/the red cord grip. Factory Scotty headcover has been swapped in favor of an Odyssey headcover since I really didn't like the added bulk or velcro found on the Scotty headcover. I have two of these putters, one stays in the bag the other stays at home for practice around the house. The "gamer" is pictured below. I love this putter but the graphics and extensive stamping annoy me to a point. As you could likely tell from the rest of my set, I like simple and clean. A more "traditional" satin chrome is just fine by me and I don't want or need a lot of stamping and graphics. Due to that rather small annoyance, I'll likely have a custom made at some point (Slighter, SSB?). Of course, if I do this, it will be clean w/very few markings. For now however, the Cameron sinks enough puts to stay in the bag despite the minor annoyance. Well, that's my bag for the start of 2010.
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