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  1. Love the look, hate the tour player it is semi related too. Excellent work as always
  2. Love the look, hate the tour player it is semi related too. Excellent work as always
  3. actually was able to get the electric blue/orange one through tmag...very bright colors...LOVE ITTTTTTTTTT
  4. Got the TMAG adizero stand bag. Terrific. A little smaller then my R-11 bag but weight loss makes up for it. Very sleek bag
  5. Not me, but my 7 year old played his first 9 from our newly installed pga family tees, made one par and shot a 57 We were psyched
  6. Foz and kygolf, thank you. Will read that write up before I head out today to shop
  7. In market for new carry bag. Currently toting a Taylormade R11 white bag. Up for any recommendations on best carry bag you know of. Under 5lbs preferably. Thanks everyone
  8. Biggest problem is there no industry standard for what's considered R or S. Rev is spot on with closed club faces. Most people slice so drivers are positioned more closed then neutral unless it's a tour head your hitting which would more than likely be set up square.
  9. What are the fits of the shirt? Do they run large since they are creating an airflow in the shirt? I am still peeved that they did away with the formotion line of clothing. Adidas now has no form fitting line at all
  10. Shot 75 today from a mix of white/blue tees (about 6450 total) playing against the asst pro and won. Finally feel like I'm 100% back after shoulder surgery. Not too shabby, took 4 full months but distance has improved. Biggest obstacle now is knowing how far clubs go with new distances. Just found out our course is adding a set of black tees to tip out at 6705 (course is usually wet so always feels longer) and my favorite, a set of family tees at 2700 yards. Cannot wait until they both open in July
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