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  1. Not me, but my 7 year old played his first 9 from our newly installed pga family tees, made one par and shot a 57 We were psyched
  2. Shot 75 today from a mix of white/blue tees (about 6450 total) playing against the asst pro and won. Finally feel like I'm 100% back after shoulder surgery. Not too shabby, took 4 full months but distance has improved. Biggest obstacle now is knowing how far clubs go with new distances. Just found out our course is adding a set of black tees to tip out at 6705 (course is usually wet so always feels longer) and my favorite, a set of family tees at 2700 yards. Cannot wait until they both open in July
  3. Opening day at my club. Old student of mine and my buddy are new pro/asst pro respectively. 39*, rain and 8 weeks removed from surgery. Shot 41 from where they had the white tees (moved up due to wetness of course). I'm at least 2.5 clubs shorter now but that will come with time. Sooooooo happy to be out playing again. RP...the Kombi is the truth #FACTS
  4. Read it to interact with the great people I've met in the forums.
  5. Reading that made me happy as I just got the call that my school and my sons school were both closed tomorrow because of snow which is goin to reach almost a foot....what the hell am I doing here . Nice round though buddy especially in the wind
  6. Pic of Sundays round with my wife at blue ridge CC
  7. 77 today with one lost ball and only one birdie on the 18th. Played today at a CC we're thinking of joining and my wife played with me today. She played about 9 holes in total. Gorgeous day and was great spending it with her. Played 12 holes the evening before with my oldest son who is six and he made 2 bogeys and 2 pars to win a ring pop at the turn
  8. Played with a new golf buddy I have given lessons to. First time I have played with him that was not a playing lesson. Awesome time but the winds were brutal ( rover Rick they really were bad 30+ gusts. 20mph constant). Not TX strength but it was cold and on a mountain. Shot 86 with 2 ob balls. Putting was great, distance control not.
  9. 78. One lost ball. Pissed about that. No warmup. Hit into a tree with first tee shot. 10 pars. 1 birdie 7 bogeys. So so day
  10. Didn't get to play but went to the course to try out my new odyssey sabertooth 32" putter w super stroke mid slim grip. Love it. Greens were wet but I can tell the feel and head weight are superior to my ping half moon which I will now be selling
  11. How'd I play today. Well I built a snowman. Made snow angels. Went sleigh riding with the boys. Oh my grass... Saw it for 2 days, now it's covered in snow again. Doing better get its ass in gear. Punxatwney Phil said early spring. Varmint best be correct
  12. 34 years old. High school H/PE Teacher specializing in strength and conditioning for the last 12 years. Cooperating mentor teacher for our local college. Work at a Driving range in the summer where I also give beginner class lessons
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